Graduated by one of the most prestigious hospitality schools in Italy, I started my professional career among Michelin-starred restaurant stoves; Al Ferarut in Italy. In 2007 I moved to Spain to work with Martín Berasategui in two of his Michelin-starred restaurants; Lasarte and Kursaal Kursaal in San Sebastian.

A particularly important stage in my professional career was in Madrid, where I was able to be training as an Executive Chef of 5-star hotels and restaurants of high gastronomic level. The great chefs with which I have learned and worked, are the references in my professional career, who have instilled in me a passion for cooking and to put affection in every detail.

After all these years of training and experience, I moved to Mallorca in 2019 where I specialized in the services of private chef, proposing a high-quality Mediterranean style cuisine with seasonal products.

The close relationship developed with my clients, allows me to capture their desires and adapt all the service and cuisine to their preferences.


Our philosophy is focused on providing our customers with a unique and authentic gastronomic experience, where the senses will play a major role, discovering new textures, flavours, aromas, and colours in a wide variety of dishes. To this end, we will select high quality products, offer personalised attention, adapted to the preferences of each client, and guarantee maximum quality service, confidentiality and discretion.
With a Mediterranean style, using local and seasonal products, we create a cuisine with a mixture of tradition and innovation.
We invite you to this culinary challenge that will surprise you....


Enjoy this experience


From Delle Vedove Chef, we offer you a professional and exclusive service of private home chef for special events and parties, from birthdays, dinners, brunches, lunches to services on yachts or villas. You may consult us for any other style of gastronomic service.

We prepare customized menus tailored to each customer’s liking, with local products, prevailing the quality of the raw material and seasonal.



In addition to our private chef service, do you need decoration on your table? A photographer to capture that unique event?. We work with the best suppliers in the sector according to our high standard of quality and professionalism so that your event is perfect and unique. Everything you need will be within your reach: we guarantee that your wish will be fulfilled.


Enjoy the service of a private chef on the yacht


We offer a professional and exclusive private chef service on the Yacht together with PRIMABOATS


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