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The 9 Michelin Star restaurants in Mallorca

Michelin Star Restaurants in Majorca.

As a private chef in Mallorca, I have had the privilege of exploring and savoring the culinary delights of the best world-renowned restaurants.

That is why I want to take you on a culinary journey through the Michelin Star restaurants in Mallorca.

Get ready for a unique gastronomic experience, where creativity, technique and authentic flavors come together to delight your palate.

Here are the award-winning restaurants in the 2023 Michelin guide.

Restaurants in Majorca with 2 Michelin stars.

Michelin star restaurants in Majorca, Restaurant Voro, Michelin star restaurants in Majorca
Voro restaurant, Tripadvisor source.

Voro Restaurant

Directed by chef Alvaro Salazar, the Voro restaurant in Mallorca is a true paradise for lovers of haute cuisine.

With his no-strings-attached culinary approach, chef Álvaro Salazar creates dishes that tell stories and evoke authentic flavors.

The Voro and Devoro tasting menus dazzle with their creativity and their connection with the Mediterranean environment.

Each visit to Voro is a culinary journey that will awaken your senses and transport you through the flavors of Mallorca and its gastronomic heritage.

Restaurants in Majorca with 1 Michelin star.

Zaranda Restaurant

We start with the Zaranda restaurant, located in the Hotel Es Princep.

With a Michelin Star, this place is known for its focus on avant-garde Mediterranean cuisine.

Under the direction of chef Fernando P. Arellano, Zaranda offers a tasting menu that is an authentic symphony of flavors.

Each dish is a culinary masterpiece that combines local ingredients with innovative techniques, taking diners on an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

Adrian Quetglas Restaurant

We continue our tour at the Adrián Quetglas restaurant, located in Palma de Mallorca.

With a Michelin Star, this establishment stands out for its fusion of Mediterranean cuisine and contemporary creativity.

Chef Adrián Quetglas uses fresh, seasonal ingredients to create dishes that are surprising in taste and presentation.

The careful selection of wines perfectly complements each dish, providing a complete and satisfying culinary experience.

Restaurant Es Fum

We direct our steps towards the restaurant Es Fum, located in the Hotel St. Regis Mardavall.

With a Michelin Star, this place is recognized for its signature cuisine and its elegant atmosphere.

Chef José Miguel Navarro creates innovative dishes that combine modern culinary techniques with local ingredients.

Each bite is an explosion of flavors and textures, taking diners on a culinary journey full of pleasant surprises.

Maca de Castro Restaurant

We cannot fail to mention the Maca de Castro restaurant, located in Alcúdia.

With a Michelin Star, this establishment stands out for its focus on local products and its commitment to sustainability.

Chef Maca de Castro creates dishes that reflect the richness and diversity of Mallorcan cuisine, using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Each dish is a work of culinary art that shows the love for the authentic flavors of Mallorca.

Marc Fosh Restaurant

Another outstanding restaurant with a Michelin Star in Mallorca is the Marc Fosh Restaurant, located in Palma de Mallorca.

Chef Marc Fosh has been recognized with a Michelin Star for his focus on contemporary Mediterranean cuisine.

Its dishes stand out for their elegance and flavor, using local ingredients and innovative culinary techniques to create a unique gastronomic experience.

Michelin star restaurants in Majorca, Dins Santi Taura
Source, Facebook Dins santi taura.

Dins Santi Taura

This restaurant, run by chef Santi Taura, has been recognized for its outstanding cuisine and its focus on local island produce.

With a gastronomic proposal based on tradition and innovation, Dins Santi Taura offers creative, high-quality cuisine in Mallorca.

Bens d'avall

The Bens d'avall restaurant, located on a cliff, has been able to take advantage of the knowledge of two generations in the kitchen.

Benet and Jaume Vicens, father and son, come together to exalt the virtues of Majorcan cuisine and bring it up to date with innovative techniques, delicacy and originality.

Its tasting menu is the maximum exponent of its culinary proposal.

Fusion 19

The Fusion 19 restaurant in Mallorca offers a captivating and meaningful culinary experience.

Chef Javier Hoebeeck has created a place where the fusion of flavors and cultures becomes a gastronomic symphony.

From the modern room to the comprehensive tasting menu, every detail has been carefully designed to provide an unforgettable culinary experience.


In short, Michelin restaurants in Mallorca provide a quality culinary experience, with innovation, creativity and authentic flavors to enjoy.

From Zaranda to Voro, these establishments have elevated the island's gastronomy to new heights.

Mallorca is the perfect place to enjoy exquisite dishes prepared by talented chefs who transform local ingredients into culinary masterpieces.


private chef, private chef, luxury restaurant

The star is you

As a private chef in Mallorca, my mission is to bring culinary excellence directly to your home.

After reading about the incredible Michelin Star restaurants in Mallorca, I know you would love to enjoy exquisite dishes in the comfort of your own home.

Imagine an intimate evening with your loved ones, where each dish is a culinary work of art personalized just for you, with set menus or proposals made exclusively for you.

With my services as a private chef, you can enjoy the same quality and creativity that you find in the prestigious Michelin Star restaurants in Mallorca, but in the privacy of your home.

And everything as simple as clicking here.

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The best food markets in Mallorca

As a Private Chef in Mallorca, my goal is to share with you the culinary secrets of the island. In this article, I will guide you through my favorite places: the best markets in Mallorca.

These markets offer you fresh and authentic products, and also show you the local culinary culture with a wide variety of local products.

Discover the unique flavors of the island as you explore these gastronomic gems.

With this guide, you will be able to immerse yourself in a unique experience on your visit to Mallorca. Join me on this unique culinary adventure!


markets in mallorca, mallorca markets, santa catalina market, olive grove market, inca, soller

Market of l'Olivar, Palma de Mallorca.

The Mercat de l'Olivar or Olive Grove Market, in Palma de Mallorca is an unmissable place for lovers of gastronomy. This market in Mallorca, located in the heart of the city of Palma de Mallorca, houses an incredible variety of stalls offering fresh and authentic products.

From seasonal fruits and vegetables to meats, fish, cheeses and sausages, here you will find everything you need to create delicious dishes.

What makes this market special is its section dedicated to local and artisan products. Here you can discover unique delicacies from the region and meet the friendly local producers.

At Mercat de l Olivar, you will be immersed in the vibrant colors and enticing aromas of fresh ingredients.

You will be able to interact with the merchants, who will be happy to share their knowledge about the products and offer you culinary advice.

Do not forget to try the olives and sausages from the region, which are authentic gastronomic jewels.

You will also find a wide selection of spices, herbs and exotic products that will allow you to add a special touch to your culinary creations.

markets in mallorca, mallorca markets, santa catalina market, olive grove market, inca, soller
photo from the santa catalina market website. Majorca

Santa Catalina Market, Palma de Mallorca.

The charming neighborhood of Santa Catalina in Palma de Mallorca is home to another essential market: the Mercado de Santa Catalina. This bohemian market is a true paradise for lovers of fresh and authentic products.

Here you will find a wide selection of freshly caught seafood and fish, as well as a variety of exotic fruits and aromatic herbs, charcuterie and cheeses.

What makes the Mercat de Santa Catalina special is its cozy atmosphere and its focus on local products.

You will be able to tour the stalls, enjoying the colors and textures of the fresh ingredients.

In addition, within the market, you will find bars and restaurants where you can enjoy dishes prepared with the products of the day. P

Taste traditional Mallorcan dishes and tapas while enjoying the lively atmosphere of the market.

Exploring the Mercat de Santa Catalina is a unique experience that will allow you to immerse yourself in the gastronomic culture of Mallorca.

Talk to the merchants, who will be happy to share their passion for local produce and provide tips on how to use it in your own culinary creations.

markets in mallorca, mallorca markets, santa catalina market, olive grove market, inca, soller

Soller Market, Soller.

If you visit the picturesque town of Sóller, you cannot miss exploring the charming Mercado de Sóller.

This market in Mallorca, surrounded by impressive mountains and orange groves, is famous for its fresh and juicy citrus. Here you will find oranges, lemons and other local products of the highest quality.

A visit to the Mercat de Sóller is a magical experience, where you can enjoy the citrus aromas and the traditional Mallorcan atmosphere.

The fruit and vegetable stalls of local companies will delight you with an explosion of colors and fresh flavors. Take advantage of this opportunity to purchase the freshest citrus fruits and use them in your dishes, adding a vibrant and refreshing touch.

In addition to citrus, you will find other local products, such as olive oil, honey and artisan products. Do not hesitate to try the jams and sweets made with oranges and lemons from Sóller.

These products reflect the essence of the region and will allow you to take a bit of Mallorca with you at home.

The Mercat de Sóller is an experience that will connect you with the land and local traditions.

Discover the passion that farmers and ranchers put into each product they offer. You will be surprised by the quality and freshness of the ingredients that you will find in this market.

markets in mallorca, mallorca markets, santa catalina market, olive grove market, inca, soller

Inca Market.

In the heart of Inca, known as the shoe capital of Mallorca, you will find the Mercat de Inca. This market is one of my favorites for its authenticity and its focus on fresh, local produce.

Here you will discover an incredible variety of products that reflect the culinary richness of Mallorca. The olive, sausage, cheese and wine stalls will tempt you with their irresistible aromas and flavors.

You can enjoy a unique tasting experience while trying the different varieties of olives and traditional sausages.

The Inca Market is also a perfect place to immerse yourself in Mallorcan culture and traditions. Take the opportunity to purchase fresh and unique ingredients that will enhance your culinary creations.

Markets in Mallorca, an incomparable experience.

Exploring the food markets in Mallorca is an unforgettable experience that will allow you to discover the authentic cuisine of the island. With this guide to the best food markets, you will be able to optimize your visit and enjoy a unique culinary adventure.

From the bustling Mercat de l'Olivar to the charming local markets in picturesque towns, each has its charm and culinary treasures to discover.

Taste the fresh produce and immerse yourself in the local food culture. These markets are true jewels where you will find quality ingredients and you can experiment with authentic flavors.

If you like cooking or enjoy food, visiting the gastronomic markets in Mallorca will be an unforgettable experience. Do not hesitate to immerse yourself in this culinary adventure and discover the magic of Majorcan flavors!

PS: And if you like to enjoy the markets, admire Majorcan products and you don't feel like spending hours cooking, I am just a click away from you to prepare the best dishes of Mediterranean gastronomy, in the comfort of your home.

How to organize your perfect intimate wedding

After the ring, it is time to take the relationship to the next level and start planning your wedding and perhaps an intimate wedding is what you are looking for.

Wedding dresses, wedding list, bridesmaids, honeymoon, guest list and where to celebrate it, will be all the ideas that do not stop hanging around your head.

If you are thinking of a different destination for your wedding, Mallorca is your option.

What better place than the best known of the Mediterranean islands, increasingly chosen by celebrities, businessmen and celebrities to organize intimate weddings or micro weddings.

But planning a wedding is not an easy task, and of course, as with any type of event, when it comes to intimate weddings or micro weddings in particular, there are certain details that need to be paid special attention.

I am going to share with you some tips on how to organize the perfect intimate wedding in Mallorca. There are many that I have organized and all with a result of 10.

Choosing the perfect venue for an intimate wedding

When planning an intimate wedding in Mallorca, the first step is to find the perfect venue.

There are so many special and beautiful places on the island that you better have a professional or wedding planner select for you the places that best suit your needs.

Fortunately, Mallorca offers a wide variety of options, from boutique hotels and villas to cozy restaurants and beachfront houses.

Deciding on a villa with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea, with a terrace large enough for your guests and spectacular views will make your wedding an unforgettable day.

When it comes to organizing a wedding in Mallorca, the choice of venue is essential and should not be taken lightly; take your time and choose the place that perfectly suits your tastes and needs.

Private chef, Mallorca, private chef, intimate wedding, micro wedding

Choosing the right catering for an intimate wedding

When it comes to celebrating an intimate wedding in Mallorca, finding the right caterer is key.

After all, a wedding is mainly about eating and socializing, and that is exactly what you want to focus on when planning one of these events and choosing very well what type of catering suits your needs.

And this is where I can help you the most, as a first option I offer to advise you personally, but if you want to live adventures, here are some tips that you should take into account when choosing the right catering service:

  • Take into account the number of guests. A smaller group means more flexibility when it comes to choosing food: you can tailor the menu to the tastes of your guests.
  • Ask vendors for references, for example from previous weddings they have organized. This will give you an idea of what their services are like.
  • Consider hiring a local caterer who knows traditional Mallorcan cuisine, as they might suggest dishes you might not have thought of before.
  • Keep in mind that a smaller budget means more restrictions on menu options, but don't let this stop you from finding a quality caterer who can provide an amazing meal for your special day.

When to hire a private chef?

If your wedding is very small, a very good option is to hire a private chef.

Yes, we also offer private chef services, but I am going to leave you some tips to find the perfect one:

  1. Consider your budget. Professional chefs often charge hefty fees for private events, and you'll want to choose someone who fits your financial parameters.
  2. Look for chefs specialized in Mediterranean cuisine. Mallorcan cuisine is unique, and having an experienced chef who understands the local dishes can help ensure that your wedding dinner is delicious and memorable.
  3. Compare opinions on the Internet, talk to friends and family, or even taste their food before making a decision. Although this may require more effort, it is worth it in the long run if you want to get the most out of your experience with a private chef.
  4. Find out what other services they will offer you in addition to preparing dinner: many private chefs offer additional services such as waiters or even a full catering service for those special details that will make the evening even more enjoyable for you and your guests.

private chef, micro weddings, micro weddings, intimate wedding

Choosing the wedding tables

Once the place, the catering or the private chef has been chosen, perhaps the biggest problem begins, which tables to choose for the wedding.

Even if you think that it is not important, that any type of table is valid, I must tell you that it is incorrect.

Well, it will depend on your choice of important factors such as who you are going to seat each of your guests with, how close or far you want them to be, how important they are going to feel, etc.

This may seem like a daunting task now, but with a little planning and creative ideas, you can find the perfect setup for your intimate Mallorca wedding.

When selecting tables, it is important to consider the following:

  1. Depending on the size and number of guests you plan to invite, you will need to plan accordingly. Measure where you want to place each table, including any additional furniture or props you want to include.
  2. The choice of the shape of the table will vary the number of guests that you can sit together.
  3. When deciding on seating and table arrangements, take into account the additional costs associated with renting furniture or props.
  4. Decide on a color scheme or a theme that combines with the decoration of the venue, since the harmony of the space and the final decoration of the tables will depend on it.

What decorations and flowers to include in an intimate wedding

One of the most important elements when planning an intimate wedding is deciding on the decoration and flowers. Although some people opt for an all-white decor, many couples like to add a touch of color to bring life to the place.

In an intimate wedding, there are many ways to arrange beautiful and simple decoration that does not cost too much. Here are some ideas:

floral arches

A floral arch or ring of flowers at the entrance to the wedding venue is sure to make an impact. Choose a beautiful variety of colorful flowers, like roses and peonies, to make it extra special.

hanging wisteria

Hanging wisteria can be used to create a romantic atmosphere as they are known for their delicate flowers that create a feeling reminiscent of fairy tales. Hang them in certain areas of the venue or even use them as part of the centerpieces.


Candles can instantly add warmth and elegance to any room or area of your venue and can also be used to make subtle statements about the theme and mood you want your guests to feel when they visit your intimate Mallorca wedding. There is a wide variety of candles: tealights, votives and lanterns.

What is the most important?

I would once again place special emphasis on having a catering company with references and guarantees, since there have been several years that my company Delle Vedove It has been offering private chef and micro catering services in Mallorca, creating an unbeatable reputation for us, which has offered me the opportunity to serve many well-known faces on the international scene.

And all my experience and help I offer you to serve the catering for your intimate wedding or micro wedding, with all the advantages and benefits of being able to adapt the service and personalize it down to the last detail, taking into account all your needs and tastes.

Private chef in Mallorca

Juan Carlos Delle Vedove, private chef in Mallorca

Having a dream and being able to fulfill it is one of the best things that can happen to you in life.

I always dreamed of offering a chef service at home, of introducing the true flavor of the Mediterranean into homes, and Mallorca gave me that opportunity, to be recognized as one of the best private chefs in the Balearic Islands.

Mediterranean cuisine, my passion

Mediterranean cuisine has always been my passion, my Italian origins meant that I had a childhood marked by the so-called Mare Nostrum, which is not simply a sea, but a lifestyle.

Since I was little, the Mediterranean made the same aromas of the sea and the land that bathe the coasts of the Balearic Islands penetrate my interior and made me imagine that with these almost magical raw materials, meat and fish, alchemy could be made.


Learn from the great Chefs.

Before arriving in Mallorca, I trained with the best Michelin star chefs, in the most successful schools, in order to bring not only the best Mediterranean products to my clients' tables, but also the most advanced cooking techniques.

One of my teachers was Martín Berasategui, and in that learning process I discovered even more that being a private chef was really my destiny, since I am passionate about cooking for people, but in a more personal way. Make a kitchen with 6 senses, where personalization down to the smallest detail, outside and is one of the hallmarks of my brand.

Chef at home, Private Chef, Chef at home Mallorca, Chef at home Menorca, Chef at home Formentera, Private Chef Ibiza, Chef at home Mallorca, Private Chef Ibiza, Private Chef Menorca, Private Chef Formentera

Mallorca, the perfect destination for gastronomy.

And here in Mallorca Dellevedovechef was born, as it is the perfect setting for this art called cooking, and there is no greater exponent of the Mediterranean way of life than the Balearic Islands.

I like to say that the Balearic Islands would be the star dish if the Mediterranean were a chef, since it combines the best ingredients you can find: natural landscapes of infinite beauty, where the wonderful beaches and coves of Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca stand out along with a cultural heritage of incalculable value that foreigners and visitors enjoy, and these at the same time contribute daily with a unique way of living in the world, the Mediterranean style.

Advantages of being a Private Chef.

The private chef service in Mallorca opens up the possibility of generating the greatest gastronomic experiences that I have been able to imagine, since, apart from gastronomically speaking (forgive the redundancy), it allows me to know the most beautiful places you can find in the Balearic Islands, and cook on them.

Being able to cook daily in villas located in the best coves and beaches on the island, doing it on yachts and boats that sail through the most exquisite ports of the Mediterranean, is a great responsibility, as it means that the experience that I must offer is of the highest level for to live up to the locations and offer the best of my cuisine so that this moment is the most unforgettable experience for those diners.

And I could not do all this alone, because I am lucky to have what for me is the best kitchen team in Mallorca, made up of the best professionals, who always give their best, such as their kindness and empathy, emphasizing that for me and my team, the client. The center of all the services I do as a chef at home.

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Why hire a Private Chef

Now that you know a little more about me, I hope we can get to know each other by cooking one of the best paellas in Mallorca for you, tasting the different ways of cooking. the sobrasada, or the hundreds of Mallorcan or Mediterranean recipes using the best olive oil in the world, which I will prepare for you and yours.

The place does not matter, in Sóller, in Alcudia, in Ibiza, in Menorca, in Palma, on a beach, in a cove, in one or in a flat or in a yacht , any place will be ideal as long as it is in the Balearic Islands, perhaps for a family reunion, perhaps for a romantic dinner...

If you dare, and want to hire a private chef in Mallorca, you can book at this link, or we can talk and see how to prepare the best gastronomic experience of your life.

The majorcan Sobrasada, the delicacy of the Balearic Islands

The Sobrasada

If we ask any resident of the island or any foreigner what Mallorca is known for, in addition to the wonderful beaches, coves, landscapes and climate, they will surely tell you that it is for sobrassada.

La Sobrasada is considered one of the ambassadors of Mallorcan gastronomy, along with the famous ensaimadas.

This delicious sausage of simple preparation has ingredients such as black pork, salt and paprika, other spices, which will give more or less intensity to its spiciness.

The Origin of the Sobrasada de Mallorca.

Like all sausages, it was born from the need to generate food preservation techniques, but was sobrassada really born in Mallorca?

Unfortunately I must say no, since its origin is rather Italian, more specifically from the area of Sicily and Calabria, where it is known as Nduja.

For everyone's peace of mind, the Nduja is similar but it is not the same.

This was born as poor food for the less favored classes, and for its preparation the less noble or residual parts of the pig were used, although over time these same parts became delicacies for the wealthiest.

How it arrived in the Balearic Islands is another story, since the oldest references that are available date from 1403, in which King Martín I of Aragón requested by letter to the butler of Martín I of Sicily, that Sobrasadas be sent to him. (Surprise) and other food.

Arriving these and their production technique thanks to maritime trade to Valencia and from there to the Balearic Islands, where their production is adopted and improved.

And up to here, the resemblance to nduja, since sobrassada is a much more aromatic, healthy and tasty sausage, and this is due to the breed of pig with which it is made and of course to the paprika.

Paprika is the one that makes one of the most important contributions in terms of its preparation and presentation, and that of course did not become possible until the 18th century.

This seasoning is so important in Mallorcan sobrassada, to the point that in order to be considered authentic, it is dictated how much they should contain, and it is normally harvested and made on the island of Mallorca.


Majorcan sobrasada, Sobrasada, Mallorcan gastronomy, where to buy sobrasada, sobrasada designation of origin, DOP Sobrasada,

I.G.P Sobrasada de Mallorca

Currently the production of Sobrasada is strictly regulated, thanks to the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) seal, in which the website exposes the following about this product:

Raw cured sausage, made with minced pork (lean and bacon), added paprika, salt and spices, kneaded, stuffed and cured.

Based on the breed of pig, they are differentiated into two types:

-"Sobrasada de Mallorca": made with pork of all breeds.

- "Sobrasada de Mallorca de cerdo negro": made with pork from the native Mallorcan breed, raised and fattened on the island of Mallorca according to traditional practices, under an extensive or semi-extensive regime.

The sobrasadas at the end of the curing process have an irregular cylindrical shape, determined by the morphology of the casing. The surface of the sausage is dark red, smooth or slightly rough, with no mold or whitish mold. The paste is soft, inelastic, adherent, cohesive, unctuous, not very fibrous and marble-red in appearance. It has a characteristic flavor and aroma, with a clear perception of the presence of paprika.

The secrets of the Sobrasada.

As in all places, each family has its recipe, but as a purist that I consider myself, I tell you from the point of view of regulation what are its ingredients and their proportions

The primary ingredient, of course, is good pork, of which we will use lean and bacon, the amount of lean used being between 30 and 60 percent of the total, and the bacon of which between 40 and 70 percent.

The mixture of meats must be mechanically minced until obtaining particles with a diameter of less than 6 mm.

As a second ingredient, paprika, of which an amount that represents between 4 and 7 percent of the sobrassada will be used, which corresponds to about 50 or 60 grams of this seasoning.

The portion of salt will be equivalent to 1.8 and 2.8 percent of the recipe, to which other spices such as pepper, rosemary, thyme and oregano will have to be added.

Of course, we must have the pork casing, which must be 100% natural, with a firm consistency, without holes and without irregularities.

Once we have the ingredients, it is very important to mix and knead them, with which we will make a mixture by kneading with mechanical processes until we obtain a homogeneous mixture.

In terms of shape, it must be irregular cylindrical, determined by the morphology of the casing, from which it is distinguished according to its final shape.

  • Llonganissa, thin, similar to a sausage.
  • Arrissada, Made in large casing
  • Semi Arrissada, made in medium casing, the most common in the markets.
  • Culana, which uses large casing from the end zone of the pig's intestine,
  • Buffet, up to 8 kilos in weight
  • Bisbe, who uses the pig's stomach for stuffing, being the largest.
  • Poltrú, in which the cecum of the pig is used.
  • Terrine, in which a glass container is not used.


Mallorcan sobrasada

How to eat the sobrassada

It is the part that we all like the most, tasting this delicacy, and here I will tell you how to do it to enjoy all its flavor in multiple recipes.

Obviously one of the most common uses is with bread, not insignificant, since it is one of the best accompaniments for a good country bread or artisan bread.

And after the bread, what?

Well, after the sobrassada spread with bread, we can give it many uses, for example we can use it in rice dishes, as fillings for empanadas, as an additional ingredient to stews, in desserts and on pizzas, in sandwiches with honey, or along with some fried eggs with potatoes, and why not also experiment as our imagination tells us.

Where to Buy Sobrasada

Sobrasada in Mallorca is a product that you can find almost anywhere, but I am going to give you recommendations for the best places so that you do not get caught in a poke

As you can see, in addition to being a star sausage in the Balearic Islands, it has an origin linked to historical events and by itself represents Mediterranean gastronomy like nobody else.

The care taken to maintain a traditional recipe led to its protection before the authorities, and it will be one of the hallmarks of Mallorca for centuries.

So every time you taste it, think that you are savoring, not only a product of the highest quality, but part of the history of the Mediterranean peoples.

10 Activities to do in Mallorca in winter

Mallorca in winter, an island to continue discovering.

The end of summer does not mean that the Island of Mallorca is closed, nor that its residents and foreigners hide as if they were bears to winter.

On the contrary, Mallorca offers numerous events and activities to enjoy the less warm days.

There are numerous museums, routes, mountain landscapes, excursions and visits that can be made during autumn and winter, in this paradise of the Balearic Islands.

The number of activities that can be done is so vast that counting only 10 is an understatement, but they are my favourites, and the ones that I usually repeat since I have lived on the island.

1. Visit the museums.

Perhaps the most typical of all, but not the most topical on the islands, since few know Mallorca for its museums, rather for its beaches, coves and idyllic landscapes.

Here is the list of museums that you should visit in Mallorca:

  • Es Baluard (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art): With more than 500 works of art to its credit, it is perhaps the best-known museum in Mallorca. In it you can find works by Miquel Barceló, Santiago Calatrava, Picasso, among others. As a curiosity, on Fridays the price of the entrance is set by the visitor.
  • Royal Palace of La Almudaina: Next to the Cathedral of Palma, its palatial interior is covered with unique tapestries, paintings, and Gothic and Islamic pieces. You will be able to visit some rooms of the palace, which will make you feel like a true member of royalty.
  • Fundación Juan March: Place of temporary exhibitions of international artists, although it has fixed collections of Miró and Dalí.
  • Chopin Museum in Valldemossa: Located in the cloister where this famous composer stayed during his residence on the island to recover from a serious illness, which did not prevent him from creating some of his greatest compositions here. You will be surprised by the piano with which Chopin himself worked to compose these wonderful pieces.
  • Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation: More than 100 paintings and sculptures by the famous Joan Miró await you in this space that was previously occupied by his studio, and as a curiosity, it has remained intact since his death.

I have only talked about 4 museums in Mallorca, but there are many more and very diverse, which I invite you to discover for yourself.

la Amudaina, what to do in mallorca in winter

2. Gastronomic Route.

The downfall of any foodie, cook or lover of gourmet gastronomy, as the number of markets with fresh local products and the numerous restaurants in Mallorca that prepare dishes of the highest quality with them, make Mallorca also a paradise for lovers. of gastronomy.

Traditional Mallorcan gastronomy has always been based on a wide range of products harvested, fished and prepared in the magnificent lands and coasts of the island of Mallorca, and that you can buy directly in the markets or taste them as ingredients in elaborate dishes, such as: ensaimadas, almonds, sea salt, lemons, oranges, apricots, sobrassada, among others.

Another option that is increasingly in demand and in fashion on the island is to hire a private chef, who, as a great connoisseur of the island and local gastronomy, selects for you the best ingredients with which he will prepare the tastiest dishes on the island. the gastronomy of Mallorca, to which of course and it could not be otherwise. I gladly offer myself.

The 7 best restaurants in Majorca

3. Enjoy the Spa.

The best thing about winter is that tranquility comes to the island of Mallorca, so enjoying these spaces becomes even more pleasant.

Of course, Mallorca offers a large number of professional spas, sure to make you feel refreshed.

Relaxation and beauty are their objectives and they should be yours, because after a summer where you will have enjoyed and spent so much energy, it is the perfect excuse to recharge your batteries.

Some of my favorites are the Beauty Lounge Son Net, Cap Vermell Grand Hotel, Castillo Son Vida, and the Sheraton Mallorca.

Spa Mallorca, what to do in winter in Mallorca

4. Valldemossa and the Coca de Patata.

Valldemossa, is the highest town in Mallorca, was Chopin’s temporary residence, and is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Europe.

Apart from the fact that Valldemossa is one of the most beautiful towns in Europe, and therefore, in Mallorca, as I have mentioned before, this spectacular town in the Sierra de Tramuntana, houses the Chopin museum in the Cartoixa de Valldemossa (Real Cartuja de Valldemossa). and George Sand.

At the Gastronomic level, there is no Mallorcan or tourist who resists on winter days walking through its streets and enjoying its archi famous Cocas de Patata, a typical Valldemossa sweet made with potatoes, eggs and sugar and Mallorcan lard, which pairs or pairs perfectly with a succulent cup of hot chocolate.

And of course you should also taste the Cuartos, this is a more widespread sweet on the island of Mallorca, typical of Mallorcan gastronomy, being the custom to taste it together with a scoop or portion of vanilla ice cream.

Valldemosa, what to do in Majorca in winter

5. Route through the Castell d’Alaró.

From the town of Alaró, you can walk to the top of the mountain where this fifteenth-century castle is located, which, in addition to its vestiges, you can enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the island.

Going down from the top, a few minutes from the town, is the well-known restaurant Es Verger, a family business that prepares its dishes using traditional methods. I recommend you enjoy its famous roast lamb.

10 things to do in winter in Mallorca, Castell de Alaró

6. The markets.

Although we already talked about them before, the markets of Mallorca deserve a special mention,

My favourites, the Mercat de L’olivar and the Mercat de Santa Catalina.

  • The Mercat de l’Olivar is located in the historic center of Palma. Built in 1951, being a bright building of Mediterranean architecture. In it, the words “Més aprop, més fresc” appear repeatedly, reminding the consumer that the more local the product, the fresher it is.

If you are one of those who do not like to cook, stop in one of the bars and enjoy some typical tapas, fresh fish or oysters with a glass of champagne.

  • The Santa Catalina Market is a special place, not only for the high quality of food but also for the people and the atmosphere, located in the most cosmopolitan neighborhood of Palma, which shares the same name.

It is here where you can even take your newly bought fish or meat to the so-called “Bar D’es Mercat”, where they cook it for a minimal cost, so that you can enjoy it accompanied by a glass of cold white wine.

The variety of its products from both markets is such that it becomes a true spectacle for the senses, because the colors, sounds, smells and textures that lead you to live a unique and unforgettable experience.

The excellent quality of the products offered makes them one of my main supply points for the raw material that I use in each of my services as a private chef.

7. Hiking.

Not everything is going to be about eating, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more than important, especially during the winter.

Hiking is one of those so-called healthy practices and Mallorca offers you the possibility of doing it in numerous spaces, enjoying spectacular landscapes, together with its flora and fauna, breathing the more than pure air of the Balearic Islands.

You can do these routes independently or through various clubs that offer a wide variety of routes at this time of year.

Depending on your skills and resistance, you can take a nice and quiet route through the mountains, also suitable for children, such as a challenging walk along the well-known route called “La ruta en Pedra en Sec”.

Also, if you prefer to try something new, it can be a day of climbing through the ravines of the Serra, yes, always with the appropriate mandatory material and a mountain guide who knows the terrain perfectly.

Hiking in Mallorca, 10 things to do in winter in Mallorca

8. Consell Market

On Sundays, in the morning, a market with more than 300 stalls is established in the town of Consell.

It is the second-hand and antiques market that takes place every Sunday in the Consell industrial estate. In it you will find furniture, clothing and crafts as well as endless objects.

Hundreds of people come to this market to browse among the countless objects on display in search of a special item. Books, paintings, decorative objects, clothing, cameras, vinyl records, toys and so on, an endless list.

This Consell market is the ideal place if you are looking for bargains and second-hand items. And especially if what you are looking for are antiques, you cannot miss it.

Consell Market

9. Wine routes

The more than 70 wineries that exist on the island of Mallorca produce a wide variety of local wines, which I recommend that you try them.

And what better way than visiting its wineries and its bars, and a fantastic idea is to do the Binissalem wine route sponsored by the D.O Binissalem, where 14 wineries participate, located in the towns of Santa María del Camí, Consell, Binissalem, Sencelles and Saint Eugenia.

A magnificent initiative that has been able to come true thanks to the fact that in recent years, many viticulturists have opened the doors of their cellars for visitors to do wine tasting and guided tours.


Binissalem Wine Route

10. Hire a Private Chef in Mallorca.

Yes, I know it may be opportunistic, but I assure you that each of my clients, who have tried it, come back again, because they are all advantages.

Invite me to your home and sit down and watch your kitchen and living room transform into an intimate restaurant.

You will not worry about tedious shopping, or looking for a new decoration for your table, my team and I take care of everything so that when your lunch or dinner is over, your house or your yacht will return to what it was, your place Rest.

Imagine having the best of Mediterranean gastronomy in any place or spot on the island, or in a villa that you rent with friends, or why not on a boat in front of one of the wonderful coves of Mallorca, and curling the loop Why not in a cove, which surely in this season of the year will be practically empty for you and your companions. You can book here.

Chef at home, Private Chef, Chef at home Mallorca, Chef at home Menorca, Chef at home Formentera, Private Chef Ibiza, Chef at home Mallorca, Private Chef Ibiza, Private Chef Menorca, Private Chef Formentera

As you can see, Mallorca offers many possibilities in winter and autumn, leaving aside the cliché that the islands are boring in winter.

Now that you know that, you have two options, either you come and enjoy them like never before, or you continue with the unique and outdated vision of the islands being only for summer.


Cigars and cuisine, excellent pairing.

A perfect couple.

It's no secret that gastronomy lovers are usually also cigar lovers. They can be from dessert to cheap macanudos, there is a cigar for each profile.

But which one is the best?

It's all a matter of taste and moments, so I'm going to tell you about the important variables that must be taken into account when choosing a cigar, and we will offer our best selections to choose the perfect one for each type of smoker.

cigars, gastronomy, best cigars for after-dinner, which is the best cigar,

The cigar and the gastronomy

The cigar is, without a doubt, the protagonist of the after-dinner par excellence. Whether you prefer a smooth, flavorful tobacco or a robust smoke full of aroma and flavor, making it the perfect addition to the indulgent things that happen after lunch or dinner.

Some might argue that alcohol and food pair better than cigar, but these arguments overlook that smoke calms the stomach and provides an appetizing flavor, while alcohol enhances the overall experience.

Whether it's an elegant cigar or an inexpensive cigar, the choices are endless.

What is the best cigar for an after-dinner

The choice of cigar will depend on several factors, such as personal taste and the occasion for which it is smoked.

For example, some people prefer stronger flavored cigars, while others prefer milder, sweeter flavors.

In addition, the size, shape, and color of the cigar also influence its flavor and overall appeal, as does the amount of tobacco used in its creation. With so many options at their disposal, it's no wonder that aficionados of this unique treat have a wide variety of personal preferences when it comes to choosing their smoke.

The cigar smoker's preferences will determine what type of cigar is right for him, and the best way to learn more about each variety is to experiment and see what works for you.

When choosing a cigar, it is important to take into account its intended use, as well as the preferred types of tobacco and flavors.

Small cigars are often used for a quick pleasure, while larger editions can be enjoyed for long periods of relaxation or contemplation.

It is also important to take into account the format of the cigar that you are going to buy, since some brands specialize in offering good examples of a specific type, while others offer more general options for those who prefer a less intense experience.

So ultimately, the choice of a cigar will depend on what the individual wishes to smoke at that moment: a cigar for an after-dinner meal, for a moment of peace and solitude, or even to enjoy a few minutes of pleasure on a trip. morning.

Which cigar brand to choose.

There are many brands, cigar brands being the most recognized worldwide, but let's talk about premium cigars and what my recommendations are.

The most common brand of premium cigars is Cohiba, and for good reason. This cigar is consistently rated among the best in the world by enthusiasts and critics.

In my pick is the Cohiba Master Pack it comes with five samples, and each one is individually wrapped in gold foil.

This bundle is a great way to try one of the best cigars on the market.

Another well-known brand is Montecristo.

This line of cigars is consistently ranked among the best in terms of taste, quality, construction, and value.

For me the choice, the Montecristo Gran Reserva is an excellent way to taste one of the best premium cigars on the market, and enjoy the pleasures of this brand.

The pairing of the cigar.

Cohiba and Montecristo are just some of the most popular cigars made with impeccable attention to detail. All of them have been paired with gourmet food and beverages, creating perfect pairings that enhance and enrich the overall experience.

For example, the Cohiba is often paired with Asian food and a cocktail, while the Montecristo is ideal with a cup of strong coffee or a piece of sweet cake.

Whatever your taste preferences, there is an incredible cigar that is perfect to pair with your next meal or snack. So whether you're an Asian foodie or a die-hard fish lover, you'll find the perfect cigar to complement your favorite gourmet dish or cocktail.

Dellevedove, private chef in Majorca, chef at home in Majorca, cigars and gastronomy, dinner and cigar experience

Experiment with cigars and gastronomy.

My premise as a private chef is to provide the best service to all my clients, generating unforgettable and incomparable experiences, and this includes the selection of cigars for our services if you require it.

One of the possibilities that I offer you is the realization of a haute cuisine tasting menu made with seasonal products selected based on the tasting notes of the cigars that are going to be tasted, and I assure you that the exclusivity of this service makes the a unique experience.

So if you want to enjoy the best gastronomic experience of the Balearic Islands enjoying the best cigars in the world, do not hesitate to ask me.

I am waiting for you to offer you the gastronomic experience of your life.

The 7 advantages of hiring a chef at home in Mallorca.

Why should you hire a chef at home in Mallorca?

Even if you think otherwise, it is something that anyone can afford. It really is bringing the best of restaurants with all the advantages of being in your own home, yacht or the place you prefer, whether you live in the Balearic Islands or choose them as the place to spend your holidays.

The least thing we want during a vacation is having to take homework with us to shop, thinking about what we are going to have for lunch or dinner, having the heavy task of preparing them, and of course the mess that comes with it.

You will agree that during our vacations, the least we do is be inside the house or if you are a resident and you have to organize an event at home with your guests, the least you are interested in is having to prepare menus in record times and comply with their expectations, with the consequent danger that the food will spoil the meeting that you had prepared so much.

If you are one of those who spends your holidays in Mallorca, to the above we must add that you will not know which are the best places to buy the best local raw material, and be careful because you could run into those who give a pig for a poke.

I could spend hours reading about the numerous advantages of hiring a private chef service in Mallorca, but I have preferred to summarize them in seven essential advantages that the home chef service in Mallorca provides.

If you feel identified with all this, it is time to tell you why a private chef is going to be your best investment this vacation.

The 7 advantages of hiring a chef at home.

There are numerous events in Mallorca that we have held for both individuals and companies, whether they are lunches, dinners or whole days at the disposal of our clients, so we can assure you that we speak with knowledge of the facts about everything that you will gain by hiring a chef private for your holidays in the Balearic Islands.

  • From the market to the table.

You will no longer have to worry about going shopping and looking for the freshest product for your meals. The private chef will take care of buying the best food for you. No matter what your preferences are, in Majorca and in the rest of the Balearic Islands we have the best of the sea and the land, and at Delle Vedove Chef we always look for the freshest product, whether in the many markets on the islands or dealing directly with the farmer, fisherman or rancher.

  • It does not matter if your kitchen is not equipped.

To date, all the Mallorca villas we have worked with have a fully equipped kitchen, but if this is not the case, don't worry. We also take care of bringing all our equipment so that we can cook all the dishes with our best tools. For this we have been shaking hands with the best brands, such as Illy, with one of the best coffee makers on the market today, so you can rest easy, we do not miss a single detail, even after dinner.

  • You will always eat hot.

At home it almost always happens that the person who cooks is the last to sit down, since he prefers to leave the kitchen organized before sitting down to taste the cooked dishes. When you hire a private chef, in Mallorca in this case, that is something that does not happen. You eat in a restaurant every day. You sit at the same time as the rest and you will also have a team that will serve you everything you need.

  • A private chef doesn't just cook.

During cooking and after each service, the private chef and his team take care of cleaning and leaving everything as new again, so you don't have to worry about disinfection. Everything is prepared so that you can only dedicate yourself to enjoying your free time.

We often end up getting bored with cooking due to a lack of ideas, or a lack of hard-to-find foods, or because on a day-to-day basis it is difficult to spend a lot of time on highly elaborate menus in the whirlwind of routine. When you hire a private chef, all this stops being a problem, whether it's on vacation or because you live in Mallorca and decide to try it. In addition to having a wide variety of menus, created for different types of food, we are always open to creating specific menus to meet your needs, your cravings or intolerances that you may have.

  • Enjoy the guests.

It is rare the occasion in which we do not panic when we have guests at home, a lot to prepare and the little time that we almost always have prevents us from being calm the days before and during the visit of our friends at home. We want it to rain to everyone's liking and it's complicated when you don't have much help. Those problems end when you hire a private chef at home.

If you are going to give a lunch, dinner or have an event at home with guests, count on Delle Vedove Chef. Your work will be limited to choosing with our help the perfect menu for you and your guests. We will take care of preparing everything for you and yours. We are used to this type of moments and we have the best so that your table looks with the best table linen, cutlery, so that the flowers go according to the chosen dishes and we have the best team of waiters so that you do not lack anything at any time , both you and your diners.

  • The show.

In Spain, as in most European countries, the kitchen is the meeting place while cooking. We love to have a drink and talk while we see how it is cooked and plated. That is why we love to think that we are not only a private chef service, but that we also give the show cooking show. We love having the guests of our clients close by while we are cooking and that they can see how each of the dishes is made with the best raw materials and the greatest delicacy.

Entertainment is guaranteed both for you and your guests, and for us, as we always learn and discuss how to cook a dish and we love that you know the process we follow, sometimes even taking notes to be able to (imitate) when we don't you have close

The experience.

Describe the experience of having a private chef and why You cannot stop living it on these holidays in Mallorca, in Ibiza, in Formentera or perhaps you have chosen Spend your holidays in Menorca (you choose the destination), it would be like wanting to express with words the passion I feel for cooking, that is, it would be indescribable.

But I can help you to live this experience, and then you tell me if you are able to describe it.

I'm already waiting for you. EWe are just one click away. >>>>HERE

Delle Vedove Chef. Mediterranean Chef.



If you are thinking of traveling to Mallorca, we bring you the definitive guide so that you do not go back home without missing anything, or almost nothing. You already know that you always have to leave something unseen to have an excuse to come back, right?

With this guide you will know better than anyone what to see in Mallorca and most importantly, what to do in Mallorca.

Mallorca is the largest of the islands of the Balearic archipelago. This island has been chosen by TripAdvisor as the best place to travel in 2022, something that does not surprise those of us who live in or know Mallorca.

Its cultural range leaves no one indifferent, this is due to the different cultures and civilizations that have made Mallorca such a place of interest today. Going through Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Muslims, until reaching the present day, where all of them left a history on the Island that can be seen in its churches, streets and gastronomy.

Before traveling to Majorca for the first time, I heard a lot about “Sea and mountains in the same space”, something that I understood perfectly when I arrived. This island is not only coast and sea, its incredible nature, mountains and mountains are the basis of its gastronomy. And as if all this were not enough, its native fauna, something that you will only find here and in places worth photographing.

In this guide I want you to know which are the best coves in Mallorca and where the best beaches in Mallorca are located

Its climate, being in the Mediterranean, is wonderful when spring arrives. The sun and its breeze accompany you throughout the spring/summer season. Maintaining an average temperature of 26º on the Fahrenheit scale, it is the perfect place to not die of heat but enjoy all that is good about this time of year in Spain.

It is for all of the above that you have to travel to Mallorca, and for this we have created a list of places that you need to visit without a doubt. In addition, within our blog you will also find the best places to eat and I will be happy to cook for you and yours on your getaway.

Take note.

1. Andratx

One of the oldest cities in Mallorca. Located in a valley. Just 30 km from Palma you can enjoy the best of the mountains and the coast in one place. A unique place to escape from the noise of the capital.

The city was built a few kilometers from the coast, thereby seeking to protect its population from pirate attacks that occurred in the 16th century. That is why its streets, castles and buildings are of tourist interest and of incalculable beauty.

It would be inconceivable that you visit the town and not its port, which for me as an Italian, is one of the most representative of Mediterranean culture, being able to impregnate you with the authentic lifestyle of this sea that bathes all the countries of Latin Europe.

The magnificent houses and villas that exist in this area are the places where my services are most demanded, and I really tell you that whenever I finish my work, the greatest satisfaction I get is the expression of my clients, because the happiness that the place and the true Mediterranean food brings, is an experience that we should all live.

I leave you a link for when you visit the area, you have references of the best places to recharge your batteries, enjoying the best gastronomy in the area.

Andraxt, Mallorca

2. Puerto Portals

The well-known Portals port is one of the emblematic and luxurious places on the island of Mallorca. The place where the European fortunes can be seen along with their luxurious yachts and sailboats that, every summer, fill covers and articles in magazines such as HOLA!, MATCH, HELLO! Its atmosphere is captivating, as are the luxury items sold in its shopping area.

Few are those who can enjoy a yacht in one of the most recognized marinas in the Mediterranean, so don't worry, the gastronomic and leisure offer is quite extensive, and within the reach of all budgets.

My recommendation, wait for sunset, sit on one of its terraces and enjoy a good drink or a coffee and, while you're at it, why not have a good dinner while you live and experience the atmosphere, enjoy its beautiful people and feel in your own meats this Mediterranean lifestyle so genuine and not so inaccessible.

3. Sóller and port of Sóller

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its cultural landscape, it is one of the most charming places in Mallorca. You can find it in the Sierra de Tramontana. For a long time, its access was quite complicated, which has caused its customs to be so ingrained that it seems to transport you back in time.

Luckily for everyone, its accessibility is currently so simple and comfortable that it makes Sóller one of the most visited destinations on the Island, but if you want to enjoy its true selves, I recommend you get there on its old train. I advise you to do it, even once in your life, as it is one of the most romantic ways to get to this charming place.

Once in Sóller, you will experience the WOW! effect, you will have to stop, take a deep breath and try to make your mind absorb so much beauty... seriously, it left me speechless the first time I visited it.

Its port is not far behind, a true representation and postcard of a Mediterranean port, surrounded by magnificent houses and villas, some with several centuries of history behind them.

In my team, private chef services in Sóller take turns, because everyone says that going to cook there is not work, it is pleasure.

4. Banyalbufar

The definition of a charming town was created by Banyalbufar, or so I want to believe. Since it is one of the places in Mallorca that made me fall in love the most when I first arrived on the island. Its name comes from Arabic since they inhabited it during the 10th century.

Nestled between the mountains of the Sierra de Tramuntana, and surrounded by farms and vineyards, it is considered one of the most representative places of Mallorcan culture.

Its coastal area is home to the fishing port of Es Port des Canonge, one of the places where part of the raw material I use in my kitchen comes from.

Do not be fooled by its location, because it is not only mountains and cobbled houses that this place offers you, as there are many coves and beaches where you can enjoy the Mediterranean.

My recommendation: Cala Banyalbufar, Es Corral Fals and Son Bunyola.

And by the way, Banyalbufar has one of the best views in all of Mallorca, write it down among your essentials for when you land on this magnificent island in the Balearic Islands.


5. Deiá

Its beauty and its location make this town in the Tramuntana mountains one of the most picturesque places on the island.

The magic of this place catches its visitors and residents in each of its corners, perhaps motivated by its location between the sea and the mountains, or perhaps because of its stone houses, but what I am sure is that once you visit, you will be looking forward to coming back or staying for a while as many illustrious figures in European history have already done.

And what can I tell you about Cala Deiá, because it is so special that there are not many words to describe one of the most iconic enclaves of the town and of the island of Mallorca.

Located at the mouth of the Torrent Major and known for its crystalline waters, they have made this place an obligatory point of pilgrimage for national and international influencers, for whom a summer without a photo of Cala Deiá on Instagram is not a summer.

I have done many lunch and dinner services in Deiá, and I assure you that it is one of the most special places where a private chef can work.

6. Valldemossa

Essential in your visit schedule, it should even be mandatory for anyone to visit Valldemossa.

Many will know it as a place of residence for models, actors, and other well-known characters, but... Valldemossa, a place whose surroundings seem anchored in time, or as I like to think, is the place where the stories were inspired.

And speaking of inspiration, writers, artists and musicians came here looking for their muse, perhaps the best known is Chopin, but he was not the only one.

Its streets transport you back in time, (and I'm not saying this in a metaphorical sense,) and its smells and flavors will take you to another gastronomic dimension, and this helps a lot with its famous potato cakes.

Check your list of places to visit in Majorca, with the magnificent and unique town of Valldemossa.


7. Cala del Mago

In Calvia, there is one of those places in the world that will always remain in your memories once you have visited it, and yes, it is a cove, but it is the Wizard's Cove.

If you want to discover the true blue of the sea, surrounded by the ocher color of the rocks and the intense green of the Mediterranean pines, this is the perfect place.

It is impressive to see how clear its waters are, where you will be able to see the shadows of the numerous yachts and sailboats reflected in the bottom of white sands.

There are many private chef services on yachts that have been requested and we have anchored in this area, and I confess that I could not say if it is more beautiful from the sea or from the sand.

Así que te invito a que vengas y lo compruebes por ti mismo.


8. Es Trenc

They say that this beach represents the European Caribbean, and I like to think that the Caribbean is a representation of Es Trenc beach.

With 2 kilometers of white sand and turquoise, shallow and warm waters, surrounded by dunes, scrub and pine trees, it is considered one of the best beaches in Europe.

Es Trenc is located between the Sant Jordi neighborhood, the Ses Salines and Sa Rapita wetlands.

I want to make a point that for me one of the best salts is produced from the Ses Salines wetlands, not only in the Balearic Islands but in the world, with which I accompany all the dishes that require it in my private chef services in the Balearic Islands. .

I recommend a visit to all nature lovers, as the sensation of being an isolated and wild area is brutal, so it is not surprising that it is also one of the areas most in demand by bathers who practice nudism in Mallorca.


9. Cabrera National Park

No more than 10 km from the beach of Es Trenc, is the Cabrera archipelago, a true explosion of Mediterranean nature and an authentic jewel of this sea. Nineteen islets, if I have said correctly, nineteen islets make up this archipelago declared a maritime-terrestrial national park, where the feeling of being out of the reach of any type of civilization is the general trend of all of us who have visited it.

To get there, you can arrive with your yacht or sailboat, for which you will have to request both navigation and anchorage permits, or through one of the boats that leave every day from the Sant Jordi neighborhood.

You will not only find nature and the sea on the island of Cabrera, as its 14th century castle, the lighthouse, the monument to French prisoners, the botanical garden, the ethnographic museum, and the blue cave, along with some of the local buildings, They will make your visit know what life was like in this archipelago.

I have told you which are my favorite places on the island, the ones that as a resident over the years I have been discovering, either on my own or because they have requested my services as private chef, and in many of them I have inspired many of the dishes that I later prepare for my clients.

Now you have the list of the perfect places to visit and where to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience from me and my team.

I think you've already decided.


I wait for you in Mallorca


Delle Vedove Chef

The 7 best restaurants in Mallorca.

The 7 best restaurants in Mallorca.

As we have already discussed on many occasions, the Balearic Islands are a great tourist attraction for the thousands of visitors who land in this wonderful archipelago, where I am lucky to live.

As published by GQ magazine, TripAdvisor has named Mallorca the best holiday destination of 2022. Which means much more demand and full restaurants with waiting lists.

That is why we wanted to make this little blog with the seven restaurants in Mallorca that you cannot miss, which I recommend you visit at least once in your life and by the way, do not forget to book in advance.

You cannot miss the delicacies that are mandatory whether you visit the Island of Mallorca in summer, or if you are from here and decide to go on a gastronomic route.

We have made a selection of the sites that we like the most. And although we don't want to talk to you about any dish in particular, since their menus tend to change, that's not the only thing that makes these places essential.

Delle Vedove Chef has the mission of offering maximum excellence in each of our services and for each of our clients, being very attentive to the creation of a special atmosphere by serving a dish that we prepare with the best local ingredients and the knowledge acquired from the greatest masters of gastronomy worldwide.

We simply create magic at the tables and take care of every single detail that has to do with our business. That is why when we go to a restaurant or recommend a place to eat, we always choose all that set of details, moments and things that encompass food in an establishment.

And this is the selection that we have made for you of the best restaurants in Mallorca.


Aromata Restaurant.

A spectacular space that is located in the historic center of the city of Palma, in Mallorca, where one of the best restaurants in Mallorca, awarded with a Repsol Sun, is located. We could be counting the benefits of this site for hours, and it is not for less.

In a courtyard of a spectacular 17th century manor house, the owner of this establishment, the famous chef Andreu Genestra, one of the most talented chefs in our country, just like an alchemist, works his magic by transforming the best raw materials, managing to generate emotions in its visitors that in few places you will have the opportunity to feel.

Undoubtedly, the best place to fall in love with cooking again has to be Aromata, and it is a mandatory stop for all of us who like to live gastronomy as an authentic experience.

Its tasting menu and menu will not leave you indifferent, which is enhanced with wines produced on the estate and mother house in Capdepera.

A separate section is for the excellence in service of all its staff and that added to the atmosphere generated, Aromata becomes a space that invites you to spend hours sitting at its tables enjoying a gastronomic benchmark on the island.

Guide to the best restaurants in Mallorca
Aromata Restaurant

Son Jaumell hotel

Another of the wonderful restaurants in Mallorca is located in the northeast of the island of Mallorca. Specifically in the town of Capdepera. A spectacular municipality where nature is breathed.

The Hotel Son Jaumell, conquers for its spaces, its location and its style is completely Mediterranean and Majorcan, and if something could improve it, it could only be that the space was accompanied by the kitchen of the master Andreu Genestra, since he is the chef of this wonderful place .

In it you can enjoy a unique gastronomy experience where the dishes are made with ingredients from the garden itself and one hundred percent Mallorcan.

One hundred percent Mallorcan cuisine, made with ingredients from the hotel's own garden, for a greater total immersion in the flavors and experience of the Balearic and Mediterranean gastronomic culture.

The perfect tandem, space and cuisine, which make their dishes fall in love with everyone who tastes them, proof of this is the Michelin Star that Andreu Genestra received for his work, as well as a Green Star also from Michelin.


The 7 best restaurants in Mallorca
Son Jaumell

Ses Coves

This place is unprecedented, truly a special place where there are any. You just have to take a look at what the diners who have been there say.

A restaurant in Majorca where you can eat the best grilled meats and the freshest fish in the area, enjoying a true dream place.

Located in the Tramontana mountains, in the north of the island of Majorca, located above the Campanet caves. some caves of stalagmites and stalactites that you cannot miss to whet your appetite.

The views, the food and the service of this place is not comparable to any other in the area and it is a mandatory stop when you visit the mountains of our wonderful island.


The 7 best restaurants in Mallorca
Ses Coves

Bendinat hotel

We have to recognize our weakness for this place, since the peace that is breathed in it cannot even be explained.

This accompanied by the incredible gastronomy, and its good work in the kitchen becomes one of our star places on the island.

Its menu leaves no one indifferent and has a wide variety of food depending on what you fancy that day, and always served by a service that matches its magnificent location.

Another of the favorite places to live a true Mediterranean experience. The views and the smell of the sea are intermingled with its dishes in a place that you can only think of if you want to enjoy all that Mallorca is from one of its best places in the world, the Bendinat hotel.

The 7 best restaurants in Majorca
Hotel Bendinant

Vandal Palma

If you want to live one of the most extensive gastronomic experiences in Mallorca, you cannot stop going to Vandal Palma. A place where creativity is not lacking and is reflected in each of its culinary creations.

A trip around the world sitting at a table, what more could you ask for? Yes, not only the food transports you, but also its wines, its service and the place. That is what Vandal achieves with each of his dishes.

It is located in Santa Catalina, a few minutes from downtown, so you have no excuse.


The 7 best restaurants in Mallorca
El Vandal. Fuente Facebook El Vandal.

Dins Santi Taura

As its website says, this place offers us a gastronomic journey through our history, customs, recipes and products.

With two Repsol suns and one Michelin star, Dins Santi Taura is a benchmark not only for Balearic gastronomy but also for Spanish cuisine.

Located in Sa Calatrava, a mestizo neighborhood with a centuries-old culture, located right in the wall of the old town of Palma and a few meters from the Palma de Mallorca cathedral, whose streets have most of the history of Mallorca, along with its gastronomic proposal make it a mandatory and almost required stop.

A place where they have reinvented Mallorcan cuisine as we know it through a unique tasting menu, being able to situate ourselves for its tasting in the bar area watching how the Santi Taura team works or in a more private environment at the tables of your restaurant.

Brut Restaurant.

If you thought you had seen it all and tried everything when it comes to restaurants, Brut is the place to stop taking those things for granted.

“Garage Kitchen” That's what they call themselves. A place where the flavors and combinations of the best products on the market will leave you frozen.

With his own laboratory, Brut strives every day to show that they are different and from Delle Vedove we can assure you that they succeed. They are without a doubt unmatched.



Don't miss them!

We hope you have taken note of all the gastronomic places that you cannot miss throughout Mallorca, a gastronomic route that, in addition to savoring through your palate, you will remember for a long time.
For the days that you prefer to rest in your home, villa or boat, you already know that you can count on Delle Vedove Chef, booking here, we make sure that you enjoy the experience without leaving home.