Paella Menu


ALI OLI with crusty bread, Majorcan olives and grated tomato.

PADRON peppers with salt crystals from Majorca.

VALDEMOSSA potato coca sandwich with cuttlefish pica pica.


SEASONAL tomato salad, red tuna tartar and seaweed.

ROASTED scallops with strawberry salmorejo.

CHICKPEA and cuttlefish stew.


IBERIAN feather noodle with roasted leeks.

MEDITERRANEAN red shrimp paella.

MIXED paella.

BLACK squid paella with padron peppers.


BAKED apple pie and vanilla cream.

CRUNCHY cannoli filled with pistachio cream and vanilla gel.

RICE pudding with pears in red wine.

Sourdough bread.

87,00 € (VAT not included)

Minimum menu for six (6) guests, for less guests consult price list.

*Starter, main course and dessert ONLY select ONE of the options. . Please inform about food intolerances.Waiter service is included from six (6) guests inclusive. Consult wine paring service.Consult the price of Transport to the place of service, minimum amount €30.00