Home catering service Mallorca

The home catering service in Mallorca is one of the best ways to experience Mediterranean cuisine in all its essence. As a chef who has been part of Martín Berasategui’s team and has worked for a significant part of my career in Italy, I have learned to select and appreciate the finest local produce to craft my dishes.

Are you looking for a home catering service Mallorca?

home catering service mallorca

If so, I recommend contacting me to explore the available menus and discover the Mediterranean flavors in a unique and exclusive way.

During these years as a personal chef Mallorca, I have discovered the richness of the island’s lands and coasts, where we can find local, proximity products with incredible flavors, power, and a lot of character. The variety of Majorcan fishing and agriculture is a great treasure for a chef, as the resulting dishes are full of nuances and history.

If you are searching for wedding chefs in Mallorca, contact us for assistance. At Delle Vedove, I am fortunate to be accompanied by a team specialized in events that will turn the celebration into a success with enthusiasm and professionalism. A wedding is a very special day in the lives of those getting married and those accompanying them in such an important moment. Crown such an event with a unique and exclusive menu is the perfect way to celebrate love.

If you prefer me to work for you through the home catering service Mallorca, or if you are looking for a chef for your yacht, don’t hesitate to contact me. It is my pleasure to cook for you, who appreciate gastronomy and have fallen in love with the Mediterranean, its light, turquoise waters, and the richness of the products that the sea and the land provide us. If you want to enjoy local, proximity Italo-Spanish cuisine with the soul of someone who appreciates quality products, get in touch with me.

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What better way than your home, surrounded by your loved ones, savoring the finest Mediterranean cuisine, with the great advantage that you only have to enjoy.

The private chef or home chef service adapts to the location you desire. From breakfasts, brunch, cocktails, lunches, snacks, dinners, to events, where you can propose a menu or be guided by our team of professionals.

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