Personal chef Mallorca

When you hire the service of a personal chef Mallorca, it means you don’t settle for just anything. It means you appreciate flavors, quality, good produce, and excellent service. It means that at your table, you want to savor the nuances that the Mediterranean shores have to offer.

Hire a personal chef Mallorca and live a unique experience

personal chef mallorca

I am Juan Carlos Delle Vedove, a chef and lover of the land you now step on. After 15 years living in Italy, understanding and appreciating one of the world’s most important cuisines, I worked for Martín Berasategui in San Sebastián, gaining the knowledge that Basque cuisine provided me, learning from the best.

Now, I want you to experience the unique moments that I was fortunate to live. I want you to taste the nuances of a cuisine as rich as the Mediterranean; to see reflected in my dishes the light, turquoise waters, and the wind of the Tramuntana; to have them on your palate.

If you want to bring this culinary richness to an event, don’t hesitate to count on our team. If you’re looking for wedding chefs in Mallorca, you’ve found them. Celebrating love is an intimate and special act shared with those we cherish the most. At Delle Vedove, we want to accompany your moment with our dishes, surprising your guests with the most spectacular flavors, leaving you with the memory of an unforgettable celebration.

If you prefer, you can also hire a chef Mallorca for private service. More and more people want to enjoy every menu in their homes, with a select and carefully crafted menu reflecting the Mediterranean essence. With local, proximity products full of flavor, as a personal chef Mallorca, I create the most exclusive menus for you. Do you want to enjoy this unique experience?

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What better way than your home, surrounded by your loved ones, savoring the finest Mediterranean cuisine, with the great advantage that you only have to enjoy.

The private chef or home chef service adapts to the location you desire. From breakfasts, brunch, cocktails, lunches, snacks, dinners, to events, where you can propose a menu or be guided by our team of professionals.

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