We specialize in haute cuisine

We are passionate about gastronomy, working with flavors and techniques to create dishes that surprise you and leave a lasting impression on your memory. Explore our menus

How we conduct a Private Chef service in Mallorca

Our methodology is designed so that clients don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying the chosen menu.

We Design the Menu

We like to know your preferences, adapting and customizing the menu to the smallest detail.

We Do the Shopping

Based on the menu design, we purchase the raw materials, always with two principles: Locally sourced and of the highest quality.

We Work Magic

Yes, because cooking is like magic, like alchemy; we transform raw materials into delicious dishes for you.

We Serve

Our team will serve you at your home table, with the same expertise as the most elegant restaurants.

We Clean and Tidy Up

When you finish lunch or dinner, you won't have to worry about cleaning up; we take care of it for you.

Happy Customer

99.9% of our customers leave good references for our service, a guarantee for the success of your event.

The Kitchen

We see ourselves as gastronomic alchemists, blending flavors and textures to achieve unique combinations.

Our Menus

After years of experience in the most exclusive kitchens of Mallorca, we have crafted three main menus that encompass the most sought-after flavors by our clients.

Menu Experience

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Menu Mar Medi Terraneum

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Menu Mareas

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Do you need other menu options?

Contact us if you would like us to offer you a completely personalized menu tailored to your needs.

A Fusion of Flavors to Enjoy

We blend Italian and Spanish cuisine with influences from the world’s best gastronomies to create dishes with character. Discover our perfect service for enjoying in the comfort of your home, with our menus or a personalized proposal.

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