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Juan Carlos Delle Vedove, born in Argentina, has a strong connection to the Mediterranean for over a decade. He lived in Italy for 15 YEARS, allowing him to deeply understand the nuances of one of the world’s most esteemed gastronomic cultures. Italy began to instill in him a passion for cooking, flavor, and a fondness for using locally sourced ingredients. With all that knowledge, he migrated to Spain, where he began to develop his professional career, becoming part of the team at MARTIN BERASATEGUI in San Sebastián and working in 5-star hotels in Madrid and prominent catering services in Mallorca, such as La Alacena de Genestra.

DELLE VEDOVE PRIVATE CHEF & CATERING was born 6 years ago to meet a growing demand for exclusive and completely personalized gastronomic services. Our mission is to surprise every diner with our original menus crafted from high-quality local ingredients infused with Mediterranean essence and freshness, thus creating a fused and authentic cuisine. Because we firmly believe in the idea that “There is no innovation without tradition.”

We bring a new gastronomic experience to your table


Delle Vedove finds inspiration in traditions, in the small details. His main influence is the chef Martin Berasategui, following one of his daily mottos in the kitchen, “In the kitchen, it is the chef who gives soul to a recipe.” The chef also draws inspiration from the innovative, without losing sight of essence and the seasonality of ingredients that allow us to combine flavors wonderfully.


We work with local, proximity, and the highest quality ingredients. Our land provides us with delicious flavors that we leverage in the kitchen to offer a unique gastronomic experience.

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