Private Chef for Yachts

Exclusive Culinary Creations on Your Yacht

Savor the sea breeze while enjoying a freshly prepared menu on your yacht—a pleasure you truly deserve. Indulge in exquisite service featuring the finest gastronomy served directly at your table. The perfect plan for food and sea enthusiasts. Check out our options.

The gastronomic experience you've been waiting for

Experience Slowly Cooked

A unique moment designed for enjoyment. We blend gastronomy and the maritime experience in a setting familiar to you, so you can experience a perfect moment in the company of those you cherish.


Here, we address some of the most common questions from our clients. If you have any more questions, you can contact us here.

We can bring any type of ingredient to cook on the boat’s facilities. During the assessment call, we will inquire about the type of facilities and utensils available to bring everything necessary for preparing the menu of your choice.

Currently, and for logistical reasons, the service is available only in Mallorca, although we always recommend chefs who work well on the other islands. In any case, if needed, we can call and assess the possibility of traveling to another island.

We bring everything necessary to the nearest port to the boat’s location. However, we do not have a boat to reach the yacht if it is outside the port. Therefore, we usually establish a pickup point at the facilities to facilitate the process.

A Universe of Flavors Onboard

A yacht is for enjoying life’s pleasures, such as sipping a cold drink with loved ones or relishing your favorite dish crafted by expert hands. We help elevate your onboard experience with haute cuisine.

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