10 Activities to do in Mallorca in winter

Mallorca in winter, an island to continue discovering.

The end of summer does not mean that the Island of Mallorca is closed, nor that its residents and foreigners hide as if they were bears to winter.

On the contrary, Mallorca offers numerous events and activities to enjoy the less warm days.

There are numerous museums, routes, mountain landscapes, excursions and visits that can be made during autumn and winter, in this paradise of the Balearic Islands.

The number of activities that can be done is so vast that counting only 10 is an understatement, but they are my favourites, and the ones that I usually repeat since I have lived on the island.

1. Visit the museums.

Perhaps the most typical of all, but not the most topical on the islands, since few know Mallorca for its museums, rather for its beaches, coves and idyllic landscapes.

Here is the list of museums that you should visit in Mallorca:

  • Es Baluard (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art): With more than 500 works of art to its credit, it is perhaps the best-known museum in Mallorca. In it you can find works by Miquel Barceló, Santiago Calatrava, Picasso, among others. As a curiosity, on Fridays the price of the entrance is set by the visitor.
  • Royal Palace of La Almudaina: Next to the Cathedral of Palma, its palatial interior is covered with unique tapestries, paintings, and Gothic and Islamic pieces. You will be able to visit some rooms of the palace, which will make you feel like a true member of royalty.
  • Fundación Juan March: Place of temporary exhibitions of international artists, although it has fixed collections of Miró and Dalí.
  • Chopin Museum in Valldemossa: Located in the cloister where this famous composer stayed during his residence on the island to recover from a serious illness, which did not prevent him from creating some of his greatest compositions here. You will be surprised by the piano with which Chopin himself worked to compose these wonderful pieces.
  • Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation: More than 100 paintings and sculptures by the famous Joan Miró await you in this space that was previously occupied by his studio, and as a curiosity, it has remained intact since his death.

I have only talked about 4 museums in Mallorca, but there are many more and very diverse, which I invite you to discover for yourself.

la Amudaina, what to do in mallorca in winter

2. Gastronomic Route.

The downfall of any foodie, cook or lover of gourmet gastronomy, as the number of markets with fresh local products and the numerous restaurants in Mallorca that prepare dishes of the highest quality with them, make Mallorca also a paradise for lovers. of gastronomy.

Traditional Mallorcan gastronomy has always been based on a wide range of products harvested, fished and prepared in the magnificent lands and coasts of the island of Mallorca, and that you can buy directly in the markets or taste them as ingredients in elaborate dishes, such as: ensaimadas, almonds, sea salt, lemons, oranges, apricots, sobrassada, among others.

Another option that is increasingly in demand and in fashion on the island is to hire a private chef, who, as a great connoisseur of the island and local gastronomy, selects for you the best ingredients with which he will prepare the tastiest dishes on the island. the gastronomy of Mallorca, to which of course and it could not be otherwise. I gladly offer myself.

The 7 best restaurants in Majorca

3. Enjoy the Spa.

The best thing about winter is that tranquility comes to the island of Mallorca, so enjoying these spaces becomes even more pleasant.

Of course, Mallorca offers a large number of professional spas, sure to make you feel refreshed.

Relaxation and beauty are their objectives and they should be yours, because after a summer where you will have enjoyed and spent so much energy, it is the perfect excuse to recharge your batteries.

Some of my favorites are the Beauty Lounge Son Net, Cap Vermell Grand Hotel, Castillo Son Vida, and the Sheraton Mallorca.

Spa Mallorca, what to do in winter in Mallorca

4. Valldemossa and the Coca de Patata.

Valldemossa, is the highest town in Mallorca, was Chopin’s temporary residence, and is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Europe.

Apart from the fact that Valldemossa is one of the most beautiful towns in Europe, and therefore, in Mallorca, as I have mentioned before, this spectacular town in the Sierra de Tramuntana, houses the Chopin museum in the Cartoixa de Valldemossa (Real Cartuja de Valldemossa). and George Sand.

At the Gastronomic level, there is no Mallorcan or tourist who resists on winter days walking through its streets and enjoying its archi famous Cocas de Patata, a typical Valldemossa sweet made with potatoes, eggs and sugar and Mallorcan lard, which pairs or pairs perfectly with a succulent cup of hot chocolate.

And of course you should also taste the Cuartos, this is a more widespread sweet on the island of Mallorca, typical of Mallorcan gastronomy, being the custom to taste it together with a scoop or portion of vanilla ice cream.

Valldemosa, what to do in Majorca in winter

5. Route through the Castell d’Alaró.

From the town of Alaró, you can walk to the top of the mountain where this fifteenth-century castle is located, which, in addition to its vestiges, you can enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the island.

Going down from the top, a few minutes from the town, is the well-known restaurant Es Verger, a family business that prepares its dishes using traditional methods. I recommend you enjoy its famous roast lamb.

10 things to do in winter in Mallorca, Castell de Alaró

6. The markets.

Although we already talked about them before, the markets of Mallorca deserve a special mention,

My favourites, the Mercat de L’olivar and the Mercat de Santa Catalina.

  • The Mercat de l’Olivar is located in the historic center of Palma. Built in 1951, being a bright building of Mediterranean architecture. In it, the words “Més aprop, més fresc” appear repeatedly, reminding the consumer that the more local the product, the fresher it is.

If you are one of those who do not like to cook, stop in one of the bars and enjoy some typical tapas, fresh fish or oysters with a glass of champagne.

  • The Santa Catalina Market is a special place, not only for the high quality of food but also for the people and the atmosphere, located in the most cosmopolitan neighborhood of Palma, which shares the same name.

It is here where you can even take your newly bought fish or meat to the so-called “Bar D’es Mercat”, where they cook it for a minimal cost, so that you can enjoy it accompanied by a glass of cold white wine.

The variety of its products from both markets is such that it becomes a true spectacle for the senses, because the colors, sounds, smells and textures that lead you to live a unique and unforgettable experience.

The excellent quality of the products offered makes them one of my main supply points for the raw material that I use in each of my services as a private chef.

7. Hiking.

Not everything is going to be about eating, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more than important, especially during the winter.

Hiking is one of those so-called healthy practices and Mallorca offers you the possibility of doing it in numerous spaces, enjoying spectacular landscapes, together with its flora and fauna, breathing the more than pure air of the Balearic Islands.

You can do these routes independently or through various clubs that offer a wide variety of routes at this time of year.

Depending on your skills and resistance, you can take a nice and quiet route through the mountains, also suitable for children, such as a challenging walk along the well-known route called “La ruta en Pedra en Sec”.

Also, if you prefer to try something new, it can be a day of climbing through the ravines of the Serra, yes, always with the appropriate mandatory material and a mountain guide who knows the terrain perfectly.

Hiking in Mallorca, 10 things to do in winter in Mallorca

8. Consell Market

On Sundays, in the morning, a market with more than 300 stalls is established in the town of Consell.

It is the second-hand and antiques market that takes place every Sunday in the Consell industrial estate. In it you will find furniture, clothing and crafts as well as endless objects.

Hundreds of people come to this market to browse among the countless objects on display in search of a special item. Books, paintings, decorative objects, clothing, cameras, vinyl records, toys and so on, an endless list.

This Consell market is the ideal place if you are looking for bargains and second-hand items. And especially if what you are looking for are antiques, you cannot miss it.

Consell Market

9. Wine routes

The more than 70 wineries that exist on the island of Mallorca produce a wide variety of local wines, which I recommend that you try them.

And what better way than visiting its wineries and its bars, and a fantastic idea is to do the Binissalem wine route sponsored by the D.O Binissalem, where 14 wineries participate, located in the towns of Santa María del Camí, Consell, Binissalem, Sencelles and Saint Eugenia.

A magnificent initiative that has been able to come true thanks to the fact that in recent years, many viticulturists have opened the doors of their cellars for visitors to do wine tasting and guided tours.

Binissalem Wine Route

10. Hire a Private Chef in Mallorca.

Yes, I know it may be opportunistic, but I assure you that each of my clients, who have tried it, come back again, because they are all advantages.

Invite me to your home and sit down and watch your kitchen and living room transform into an intimate restaurant.

You will not worry about tedious shopping, or looking for a new decoration for your table, my team and I take care of everything so that when your lunch or dinner is over, your house or your yacht will return to what it was, your place Rest.

Imagine having the best of Mediterranean gastronomy in any place or spot on the island, or in a villa that you rent with friends, or why not on a boat in front of one of the wonderful coves of Mallorca, and curling the loop Why not in a cove, which surely in this season of the year will be practically empty for you and your companions. You can book here.

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As you can see, Mallorca offers many possibilities in winter and autumn, leaving aside the cliché that the islands are boring in winter.

Now that you know that, you have two options, either you come and enjoy them like never before, or you continue with the unique and outdated vision of the islands being only for summer.

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