9 places you cannot miss in Mallorca


If you are thinking of traveling to Mallorca, we bring you the definitive guide so that you do not go back home without missing anything, or almost nothing. You already know that you always have to leave something unseen to have an excuse to come back, right?

With this guide you will know better than anyone what to see in Mallorca and most importantly, what to do in Mallorca.

Mallorca is the largest of the islands of the Balearic archipelago. This island has been chosen by TripAdvisor as the best place to travel in 2022, something that does not surprise those of us who live in or know Mallorca.

Its cultural range leaves no one indifferent, this is due to the different cultures and civilizations that have made Mallorca such a place of interest today. Going through Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Muslims, until reaching the present day, where all of them left a history on the Island that can be seen in its churches, streets and gastronomy.

Before traveling to Majorca for the first time, I heard a lot about “Sea and mountains in the same space”, something that I understood perfectly when I arrived. This island is not only coast and sea, its incredible nature, mountains and mountains are the basis of its gastronomy. And as if all this were not enough, its native fauna, something that you will only find here and in places worth photographing.

In this guide I want you to know which are the best coves in Mallorca and where the best beaches in Mallorca are located

Its climate, being in the Mediterranean, is wonderful when spring arrives. The sun and its breeze accompany you throughout the spring/summer season. Maintaining an average temperature of 26º on the Fahrenheit scale, it is the perfect place to not die of heat but enjoy all that is good about this time of year in Spain.

It is for all of the above that you have to travel to Mallorca, and for this we have created a list of places that you need to visit without a doubt. In addition, within our blog you will also find the best places to eat and I will be happy to cook for you and yours on your getaway.

Take note.

1. Andratx

One of the oldest cities in Mallorca. Located in a valley. Just 30 km from Palma you can enjoy the best of the mountains and the coast in one place. A unique place to escape from the noise of the capital.

The city was built a few kilometers from the coast, thereby seeking to protect its population from pirate attacks that occurred in the 16th century. That is why its streets, castles and buildings are of tourist interest and of incalculable beauty.

It would be inconceivable that you visit the town and not its port, which for me as an Italian, is one of the most representative of Mediterranean culture, being able to impregnate you with the authentic lifestyle of this sea that bathes all the countries of Latin Europe.

The magnificent houses and villas that exist in this area are the places where my services are most demanded, and I really tell you that whenever I finish my work, the greatest satisfaction I get is the expression of my clients, because the happiness that the place and the true Mediterranean food brings, is an experience that we should all live.

I leave you a link for when you visit the area, you have references of the best places to recharge your batteries, enjoying the best gastronomy in the area.

Andraxt, Mallorca

2. Puerto Portals

The well-known Portals port is one of the emblematic and luxurious places on the island of Mallorca. The place where the European fortunes can be seen along with their luxurious yachts and sailboats that, every summer, fill covers and articles in magazines such as HOLA!, MATCH, HELLO! Its atmosphere is captivating, as are the luxury items sold in its shopping area.

Few are those who can enjoy a yacht in one of the most recognized marinas in the Mediterranean, so don’t worry, the gastronomic and leisure offer is quite extensive, and within the reach of all budgets.

My recommendation, wait for sunset, sit on one of its terraces and enjoy a good drink or a coffee and, while you’re at it, why not have a good dinner while you live and experience the atmosphere, enjoy its beautiful people and feel in your own meats this Mediterranean lifestyle so genuine and not so inaccessible.

3. Sóller and port of Sóller

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its cultural landscape, it is one of the most charming places in Mallorca. You can find it in the Sierra de Tramontana. For a long time, its access was quite complicated, which has caused its customs to be so ingrained that it seems to transport you back in time.

Luckily for everyone, its accessibility is currently so simple and comfortable that it makes Sóller one of the most visited destinations on the Island, but if you want to enjoy its true selves, I recommend you get there on its old train. I advise you to do it, even once in your life, as it is one of the most romantic ways to get to this charming place.

Once in Sóller, you will experience the WOW! effect, you will have to stop, take a deep breath and try to make your mind absorb so much beauty… seriously, it left me speechless the first time I visited it.

Its port is not far behind, a true representation and postcard of a Mediterranean port, surrounded by magnificent houses and villas, some with several centuries of history behind them.

In my team, private chef services in Sóller take turns, because everyone says that going to cook there is not work, it is pleasure.

4. Banyalbufar

The definition of a charming town was created by Banyalbufar, or so I want to believe. Since it is one of the places in Mallorca that made me fall in love the most when I first arrived on the island. Its name comes from Arabic since they inhabited it during the 10th century.

Nestled between the mountains of the Sierra de Tramuntana, and surrounded by farms and vineyards, it is considered one of the most representative places of Mallorcan culture.

Its coastal area is home to the fishing port of Es Port des Canonge, one of the places where part of the raw material I use in my kitchen comes from.

Do not be fooled by its location, because it is not only mountains and cobbled houses that this place offers you, as there are many coves and beaches where you can enjoy the Mediterranean.

My recommendation: Cala Banyalbufar, Es Corral Fals and Son Bunyola.

And by the way, Banyalbufar has one of the best views in all of Mallorca, write it down among your essentials for when you land on this magnificent island in the Balearic Islands.


5. Deiá

Its beauty and its location make this town in the Tramuntana mountains one of the most picturesque places on the island.

The magic of this place catches its visitors and residents in each of its corners, perhaps motivated by its location between the sea and the mountains, or perhaps because of its stone houses, but what I am sure is that once you visit, you will be looking forward to coming back or staying for a while as many illustrious figures in European history have already done.

And what can I tell you about Cala Deiá, because it is so special that there are not many words to describe one of the most iconic enclaves of the town and of the island of Mallorca.

Located at the mouth of the Torrent Major and known for its crystalline waters, they have made this place an obligatory point of pilgrimage for national and international influencers, for whom a summer without a photo of Cala Deiá on Instagram is not a summer.

I have done many lunch and dinner services in Deiá, and I assure you that it is one of the most special places where a private chef can work.

6. Valldemossa

Essential in your visit schedule, it should even be mandatory for anyone to visit Valldemossa.

Many will know it as a place of residence for models, actors, and other well-known characters, but… Valldemossa, a place whose surroundings seem anchored in time, or as I like to think, is the place where the stories were inspired.

And speaking of inspiration, writers, artists and musicians came here looking for their muse, perhaps the best known is Chopin, but he was not the only one.

Its streets transport you back in time, (and I’m not saying this in a metaphorical sense,) and its smells and flavors will take you to another gastronomic dimension, and this helps a lot with its famous potato cakes.

Check your list of places to visit in Majorca, with the magnificent and unique town of Valldemossa.


7. Cala del Mago

In Calvia, there is one of those places in the world that will always remain in your memories once you have visited it, and yes, it is a cove, but it is the Wizard’s Cove.

If you want to discover the true blue of the sea, surrounded by the ocher color of the rocks and the intense green of the Mediterranean pines, this is the perfect place.

It is impressive to see how clear its waters are, where you will be able to see the shadows of the numerous yachts and sailboats reflected in the bottom of white sands.

There are many private chef services on yachts that have been requested and we have anchored in this area, and I confess that I could not say if it is more beautiful from the sea or from the sand.

Así que te invito a que vengas y lo compruebes por ti mismo.


8. Es Trenc

They say that this beach represents the European Caribbean, and I like to think that the Caribbean is a representation of Es Trenc beach.

With 2 kilometers of white sand and turquoise, shallow and warm waters, surrounded by dunes, scrub and pine trees, it is considered one of the best beaches in Europe.

Es Trenc is located between the Sant Jordi neighborhood, the Ses Salines and Sa Rapita wetlands.

I want to make a point that for me one of the best salts is produced from the Ses Salines wetlands, not only in the Balearic Islands but in the world, with which I accompany all the dishes that require it in my private chef services in the Balearic Islands. .

I recommend a visit to all nature lovers, as the sensation of being an isolated and wild area is brutal, so it is not surprising that it is also one of the areas most in demand by bathers who practice nudism in Mallorca.


9. Cabrera National Park

No more than 10 km from the beach of Es Trenc, is the Cabrera archipelago, a true explosion of Mediterranean nature and an authentic jewel of this sea. Nineteen islets, if I have said correctly, nineteen islets make up this archipelago declared a maritime-terrestrial national park, where the feeling of being out of the reach of any type of civilization is the general trend of all of us who have visited it.

To get there, you can arrive with your yacht or sailboat, for which you will have to request both navigation and anchorage permits, or through one of the boats that leave every day from the Sant Jordi neighborhood.

You will not only find nature and the sea on the island of Cabrera, as its 14th century castle, the lighthouse, the monument to French prisoners, the botanical garden, the ethnographic museum, and the blue cave, along with some of the local buildings, They will make your visit know what life was like in this archipelago.

I have told you which are my favorite places on the island, the ones that as a resident over the years I have been discovering, either on my own or because they have requested my services as private chef, and in many of them I have inspired many of the dishes that I later prepare for my clients.

Now you have the list of the perfect places to visit and where to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience from me and my team.

I think you’ve already decided.


I wait for you in Mallorca


Delle Vedove Chef

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