Cigars and cuisine, excellent pairing.

A perfect couple.

It’s no secret that gastronomy lovers are usually also cigar lovers. They can be from dessert to cheap macanudos, there is a cigar for each profile.

But which one is the best?

It’s all a matter of taste and moments, so I’m going to tell you about the important variables that must be taken into account when choosing a cigar, and we will offer our best selections to choose the perfect one for each type of smoker.

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The cigar and the gastronomy

The cigar is, without a doubt, the protagonist of the after-dinner par excellence. Whether you prefer a smooth, flavorful tobacco or a robust smoke full of aroma and flavor, making it the perfect addition to the indulgent things that happen after lunch or dinner.

Some might argue that alcohol and food pair better than cigar, but these arguments overlook that smoke calms the stomach and provides an appetizing flavor, while alcohol enhances the overall experience.

Whether it’s an elegant cigar or an inexpensive cigar, the choices are endless.

What is the best cigar for an after-dinner

The choice of cigar will depend on several factors, such as personal taste and the occasion for which it is smoked.

For example, some people prefer stronger flavored cigars, while others prefer milder, sweeter flavors.

In addition, the size, shape, and color of the cigar also influence its flavor and overall appeal, as does the amount of tobacco used in its creation. With so many options at their disposal, it’s no wonder that aficionados of this unique treat have a wide variety of personal preferences when it comes to choosing their smoke.

The cigar smoker’s preferences will determine what type of cigar is right for him, and the best way to learn more about each variety is to experiment and see what works for you.

When choosing a cigar, it is important to take into account its intended use, as well as the preferred types of tobacco and flavors.

Small cigars are often used for a quick pleasure, while larger editions can be enjoyed for long periods of relaxation or contemplation.

It is also important to take into account the format of the cigar that you are going to buy, since some brands specialize in offering good examples of a specific type, while others offer more general options for those who prefer a less intense experience.

So ultimately, the choice of a cigar will depend on what the individual wishes to smoke at that moment: a cigar for an after-dinner meal, for a moment of peace and solitude, or even to enjoy a few minutes of pleasure on a trip. morning.

Which cigar brand to choose.

There are many brands, cigar brands being the most recognized worldwide, but let’s talk about premium cigars and what my recommendations are.

The most common brand of premium cigars is Cohiba, and for good reason. This cigar is consistently rated among the best in the world by enthusiasts and critics.

In my pick is the Cohiba Master Pack it comes with five samples, and each one is individually wrapped in gold foil.

This bundle is a great way to try one of the best cigars on the market.

Another well-known brand is Montecristo.

This line of cigars is consistently ranked among the best in terms of taste, quality, construction, and value.

For me the choice, the Montecristo Gran Reserva is an excellent way to taste one of the best premium cigars on the market, and enjoy the pleasures of this brand.

The pairing of the cigar.

Cohiba and Montecristo are just some of the most popular cigars made with impeccable attention to detail. All of them have been paired with gourmet food and beverages, creating perfect pairings that enhance and enrich the overall experience.

For example, the Cohiba is often paired with Asian food and a cocktail, while the Montecristo is ideal with a cup of strong coffee or a piece of sweet cake.

Whatever your taste preferences, there is an incredible cigar that is perfect to pair with your next meal or snack. So whether you’re an Asian foodie or a die-hard fish lover, you’ll find the perfect cigar to complement your favorite gourmet dish or cocktail.

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Experiment with cigars and gastronomy.

My premise as a private chef is to provide the best service to all my clients, generating unforgettable and incomparable experiences, and this includes the selection of cigars for our services if you require it.

One of the possibilities that I offer you is the realization of a haute cuisine tasting menu made with seasonal products selected based on the tasting notes of the cigars that are going to be tasted, and I assure you that the exclusivity of this service makes the a unique experience.

So if you want to enjoy the best gastronomic experience of the Balearic Islands enjoying the best cigars in the world, do not hesitate to ask me.

I am waiting for you to offer you the gastronomic experience of your life.

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