Private chef in Mallorca

Juan Carlos Delle Vedove, private chef in Mallorca

Having a dream and being able to fulfill it is one of the best things that can happen to you in life.

I always dreamed of offering a chef service at home, of introducing the true flavor of the Mediterranean into homes, and Mallorca gave me that opportunity, to be recognized as one of the best private chefs in the Balearic Islands.

Mediterranean cuisine, my passion

Mediterranean cuisine has always been my passion, my Italian origins meant that I had a childhood marked by the so-called Mare Nostrum, which is not simply a sea, but a lifestyle.

Since I was little, the Mediterranean made the same aromas of the sea and the land that bathe the coasts of the Balearic Islands penetrate my interior and made me imagine that with these almost magical raw materials, meat and fish, alchemy could be made.

Learn from the great Chefs.

Before arriving in Mallorca, I trained with the best Michelin star chefs, in the most successful schools, in order to bring not only the best Mediterranean products to my clients’ tables, but also the most advanced cooking techniques.

One of my teachers was Martín Berasategui, and in that learning process I discovered even more that being a private chef was really my destiny, since I am passionate about cooking for people, but in a more personal way. Make a kitchen with 6 senses, where personalization down to the smallest detail, outside and is one of the hallmarks of my brand.

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Mallorca, the perfect destination for gastronomy.

And here in Mallorca Dellevedovechef was born, as it is the perfect setting for this art called cooking, and there is no greater exponent of the Mediterranean way of life than the Balearic Islands.

I like to say that the Balearic Islands would be the star dish if the Mediterranean were a chef, since it combines the best ingredients you can find: natural landscapes of infinite beauty, where the wonderful beaches and coves of Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca stand out along with a cultural heritage of incalculable value that foreigners and visitors enjoy, and these at the same time contribute daily with a unique way of living in the world, the Mediterranean style.

Advantages of being a Private Chef.

The private chef service in Mallorca opens up the possibility of generating the greatest gastronomic experiences that I have been able to imagine, since, apart from gastronomically speaking (forgive the redundancy), it allows me to know the most beautiful places you can find in the Balearic Islands, and cook on them.

Being able to cook daily in villas located in the best coves and beaches on the island, doing it on yachts and boats that sail through the most exquisite ports of the Mediterranean, is a great responsibility, as it means that the experience that I must offer is of the highest level for to live up to the locations and offer the best of my cuisine so that this moment is the most unforgettable experience for those diners.

And I could not do all this alone, because I am lucky to have what for me is the best kitchen team in Mallorca, made up of the best professionals, who always give their best, such as their kindness and empathy, emphasizing that for me and my team, the client. The center of all the services I do as a chef at home.

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Why hire a Private Chef

Now that you know a little more about me, I hope we can get to know each other by cooking one of the best paellas in Mallorca for you, tasting the different ways of cooking. the sobrasada, or the hundreds of Mallorcan or Mediterranean recipes using the best olive oil in the world, which I will prepare for you and yours.

The place does not matter, in Sóller, in Alcudia, in Ibiza, in Menorca, in Palma, on a beach, in a cove, in one or in a flat or in a yacht , any place will be ideal as long as it is in the Balearic Islands, perhaps for a family reunion, perhaps for a romantic dinner…

If you dare, and want to hire a private chef in Mallorca, you can book at this link, or we can talk and see how to prepare the best gastronomic experience of your life.

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