The 7 best restaurants in Mallorca.

The 7 best restaurants in Mallorca.

As we have already discussed on many occasions, the Balearic Islands are a great tourist attraction for the thousands of visitors who land in this wonderful archipelago, where I am lucky to live.

As published by GQ magazine, TripAdvisor has named Mallorca the best holiday destination of 2022. Which means much more demand and full restaurants with waiting lists.

That is why we wanted to make this little blog with the seven restaurants in Mallorca that you cannot miss, which I recommend you visit at least once in your life and by the way, do not forget to book in advance.

You cannot miss the delicacies that are mandatory whether you visit the Island of Mallorca in summer, or if you are from here and decide to go on a gastronomic route.

We have made a selection of the sites that we like the most. And although we don’t want to talk to you about any dish in particular, since their menus tend to change, that’s not the only thing that makes these places essential.

Delle Vedove Chef has the mission of offering maximum excellence in each of our services and for each of our clients, being very attentive to the creation of a special atmosphere by serving a dish that we prepare with the best local ingredients and the knowledge acquired from the greatest masters of gastronomy worldwide.

We simply create magic at the tables and take care of every single detail that has to do with our business. That is why when we go to a restaurant or recommend a place to eat, we always choose all that set of details, moments and things that encompass food in an establishment.

And this is the selection that we have made for you of the best restaurants in Mallorca.


Aromata Restaurant.

A spectacular space that is located in the historic center of the city of Palma, in Mallorca, where one of the best restaurants in Mallorca, awarded with a Repsol Sun, is located. We could be counting the benefits of this site for hours, and it is not for less.

In a courtyard of a spectacular 17th century manor house, the owner of this establishment, the famous chef Andreu Genestra, one of the most talented chefs in our country, just like an alchemist, works his magic by transforming the best raw materials, managing to generate emotions in its visitors that in few places you will have the opportunity to feel.

Undoubtedly, the best place to fall in love with cooking again has to be Aromata, and it is a mandatory stop for all of us who like to live gastronomy as an authentic experience.

Its tasting menu and menu will not leave you indifferent, which is enhanced with wines produced on the estate and mother house in Capdepera.

A separate section is for the excellence in service of all its staff and that added to the atmosphere generated, Aromata becomes a space that invites you to spend hours sitting at its tables enjoying a gastronomic benchmark on the island.

Guide to the best restaurants in Mallorca
Aromata Restaurant

Son Jaumell hotel

Another of the wonderful restaurants in Mallorca is located in the northeast of the island of Mallorca. Specifically in the town of Capdepera. A spectacular municipality where nature is breathed.

The Hotel Son Jaumell, conquers for its spaces, its location and its style is completely Mediterranean and Majorcan, and if something could improve it, it could only be that the space was accompanied by the kitchen of the master Andreu Genestra, since he is the chef of this wonderful place .

In it you can enjoy a unique gastronomy experience where the dishes are made with ingredients from the garden itself and one hundred percent Mallorcan.

One hundred percent Mallorcan cuisine, made with ingredients from the hotel’s own garden, for a greater total immersion in the flavors and experience of the Balearic and Mediterranean gastronomic culture.

The perfect tandem, space and cuisine, which make their dishes fall in love with everyone who tastes them, proof of this is the Michelin Star that Andreu Genestra received for his work, as well as a Green Star also from Michelin.


The 7 best restaurants in Mallorca
Son Jaumell

Ses Coves

This place is unprecedented, truly a special place where there are any. You just have to take a look at what the diners who have been there say.

A restaurant in Majorca where you can eat the best grilled meats and the freshest fish in the area, enjoying a true dream place.

Located in the Tramontana mountains, in the north of the island of Majorca, located above the Campanet caves. some caves of stalagmites and stalactites that you cannot miss to whet your appetite.

The views, the food and the service of this place is not comparable to any other in the area and it is a mandatory stop when you visit the mountains of our wonderful island.


The 7 best restaurants in Mallorca
Ses Coves

Bendinat hotel

We have to recognize our weakness for this place, since the peace that is breathed in it cannot even be explained.

This accompanied by the incredible gastronomy, and its good work in the kitchen becomes one of our star places on the island.

Its menu leaves no one indifferent and has a wide variety of food depending on what you fancy that day, and always served by a service that matches its magnificent location.

Another of the favorite places to live a true Mediterranean experience. The views and the smell of the sea are intermingled with its dishes in a place that you can only think of if you want to enjoy all that Mallorca is from one of its best places in the world, the Bendinat hotel.

The 7 best restaurants in Majorca
Hotel Bendinant

Vandal Palma

If you want to live one of the most extensive gastronomic experiences in Mallorca, you cannot stop going to Vandal Palma. A place where creativity is not lacking and is reflected in each of its culinary creations.

A trip around the world sitting at a table, what more could you ask for? Yes, not only the food transports you, but also its wines, its service and the place. That is what Vandal achieves with each of his dishes.

It is located in Santa Catalina, a few minutes from downtown, so you have no excuse.


The 7 best restaurants in Mallorca
El Vandal. Fuente Facebook El Vandal.

Dins Santi Taura

As its website says, this place offers us a gastronomic journey through our history, customs, recipes and products.

With two Repsol suns and one Michelin star, Dins Santi Taura is a benchmark not only for Balearic gastronomy but also for Spanish cuisine.

Located in Sa Calatrava, a mestizo neighborhood with a centuries-old culture, located right in the wall of the old town of Palma and a few meters from the Palma de Mallorca cathedral, whose streets have most of the history of Mallorca, along with its gastronomic proposal make it a mandatory and almost required stop.

A place where they have reinvented Mallorcan cuisine as we know it through a unique tasting menu, being able to situate ourselves for its tasting in the bar area watching how the Santi Taura team works or in a more private environment at the tables of your restaurant.

Brut Restaurant.

If you thought you had seen it all and tried everything when it comes to restaurants, Brut is the place to stop taking those things for granted.

“Garage Kitchen” That’s what they call themselves. A place where the flavors and combinations of the best products on the market will leave you frozen.

With his own laboratory, Brut strives every day to show that they are different and from Delle Vedove we can assure you that they succeed. They are without a doubt unmatched.



Don’t miss them!

We hope you have taken note of all the gastronomic places that you cannot miss throughout Mallorca, a gastronomic route that, in addition to savoring through your palate, you will remember for a long time.
For the days that you prefer to rest in your home, villa or boat, you already know that you can count on Delle Vedove Chef, booking here, we make sure that you enjoy the experience without leaving home.

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