The importance of where to cook

Cooking and enjoying cooking, or being cooked for one is an experience that we would like to enjoy every day. But it’s not just food that’s important. Just as essential is that the place where it is enjoyed is as unique as the dishes that are served.

When we decide to eat out, we make sure that the place is as spectacular as the reviews received by other customers. The same happens when we decide to go on vacation. The location of the hotel or villa must be unique, as well as its decoration. This happens because the experiences must be extraordinary if we are going to leave our home and live them. We want to feel at home or better.

That is why every day I am more convinced that my services, despite my efforts and those of my team, the top quality products and our professionalism, would not be the same if the enclave did not accompany us.

At Delle Vedove Chef we are used to serving family and friends who come to enjoy the Balearic Islands in luxurious villas. Modern and open-plan villas in which the sea view can be seen through the windows. In typical houses of our Balearic archipelago in which the bricks tell stories of the families that inhabited those walls years ago.

Have a careful and spacious space where you can work the food with care and care. A kitchen with fires that work and are working at the same pace as my team, is essential to provide good service.

For this reason, when a client calls me to cook, and wants the place to be as special as the table service, I always know that Luxury villas Mallora by Kay can help me. A real estate company that has had experts in the sector for decades and that has the most spectacular luxury villas for rent and sale on the island. The attention and speed with which they put themselves at the service of my clients is what makes me always choose them.

If your idea is to visit Mallorca and you want me to cook for you, it will be a pleasure to do so, especially if the views are not going to disappoint.

Juan Carlos Delle Vedove. Mediterranean chef

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