Why is Mallorca an obligatory destination to enjoy your holidays?

Why is Mallorca an obligatory destination to enjoy your holidays?

Surely you know someone who travels to Majorca every year, and they have recommended that you come and meet them and spend a few days here on vacation. If this has not been the case, let us tell you that you should change your friends.

Mallorca is a unique enclave located in the Mediterranean. With an airport with international flights so you don’t worry about having to make many transfers. It welcomes many families, couples and friends every summer who come to enjoy life on the island.

Its more than 10 marinas are the perfect place if you decide to come to this wonderful island by sea.

Mallorca became fashionable many years ago, due to the glamor and magic that the island transmits and until you come you don’t really understand why. Here they have spent their vacations from Michael Douglas to Lady Di herself. And it is that this island has everything you need, Sun, mountains and dream beaches. All this without talking about its wonderful gastronomy.

Even if you think that this article is seen from the point of view of someone from Mallorca, I have traveled many places before deciding to settle here. And I decided to choose this place because being able to cook for my clients on a boat, near one of the wonderful coves on the island is a pleasure that I would not change for anything.

The light of Mallorca is hardly comparable to any other. Its crystalline beaches are easily reminiscent of those of the Caribbean in the middle of the Mediterranean and its sunset is not comparable to any other.

Its Mediterranean gastronomy is unique, with products that you will not find anywhere else in the world and that I continually use in my dishes, such as the Mallorcan sobrasada. A delicate one that is made in this land and that has a thousand ways to introduce it into our kitchen.

The Sierra de Tramontana is the perfect place to get to know the typical towns of Mallorca, their origins and their original way of life. A walk among any of them, and escape from the typical to know what only a lucky few in the area know. There is also the possibility of going by train from the capital of the island, Palma.

They say that people are conquered by their stomachs, so I am delighted to make you fall in love with Mallorca by cooking for you and your loved ones.

Juan Carlos Delle Vedove. Mediterranean chef

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