We work with seasonal products that the land offers us


Discover some of our proposals


(a journey through my Argentinian and Italian origins)

Sweet and savory snacks

Mini creole Cornish pastry.
Original recipe from my dear Mother

Focaccia Genovese
with basil pesto, buffalo burrata with black truffle and sundried tomatoes

My cacio e pepe
Fresh “tagliatelle”, Pecorino cheese, butter , black pepper and scarlet shrimp tartar

Beef tenderloin cooked
to pink and marinated in chimichurri with homemade smoked tomato ketchup and sweet potato chips.

Citrus and Amaretto tiramisu
with Madagascar vanilla ice-cream



Mediterranean Land Menu

Sweet and savory snacks

Avocado and jalapeño gazpacho
with cherry tomato confit in soya and ginger oil and crispy prawns

Red prawn tartar
marinated in lime,seaweed jelly and soufflé potatoes

Stewed seasonal vegetables,
Iberian ham broth, monkfish cubes and crispy parmesan cheese

Iberian acorn-fed pork,
creamy mashed fried potatoes, steamed shallots and gravy with black truffle

Strawberry tartar
with dry thyme and lemon meringue served with meringue milk ice-cream



From the Sea

Sweet and savory snacks

Mallorcan tomato salmorejo
served with chopped vegetables and marinated and grilled scallops

Green asparagus and rocket creamy rice,
Mediterranean king prawn’s carpaccio with a touch of seaweed aioli

Fresh ravioli
with lobster filling served with a foamy rock mussel and sea Salicornia soup.

Seasonal fish from the fish market,
smooth truffled cauliflower and veggies couscous with roasted tomato pil pil .

Velvety Mallorcan cheesecake
with fresh and frozen red berries on top.

85€ (the top seller)



Sweet and savory snacks

Creamy Mallorcan red prawn croquette
with its carpaccio and fermented black garlic mayonnaise

Traditional Mallorcan fish ” frito”
on classic sliced “sopes” bread served with mediterranean herb powder

Corn “coca”
with local black pork sobrassada, figs in syrup and black truffle honey.

Rock fish typical and tasty soup

Mallorcan suckling pig
in 24-hours confit, baked apple puree and Sóller citrus powder

Caramelized potato coca pudding
with meringue milk and cinnamon ice cream.

79€ (The Chef´s recommendation)



Sweet and savory snacks

Avocado bonbon filled
with vegetable ceviche and coriander mayonnaise

Boldy Mery “coca”
with soy caviar and spun egg

with yoghurt and mint sauce

Aubergine burger
with sweet potato sticks and smoked homemade ketchup

Chocolate truffle
with cocoa soup, citrus fruits, iced and fresh red berries




Sweet and savory snacks

Mini baos stuffed
with roasted picanha, spicy avocado and pickled red onion

Creamy grilled cutlet croquette
with jalapeño mayonnaise

Sirloin steak tartar
with vegetable chips

Argentinian asado Cornish pastry
with spicy touches and creole sauce

Tasting of “Rubia Gallega”
beef cuts (Galician beef)

Smooth chocolate cake
with meringue milk and cinnamon foam



*The price of the menu includes: the purchase of the raw material, transport and elaboration of the menu, cleaning, floral fresh decoration on the table and personalised minutes.
*Consult us for the floral decoration that you like the most, we collaborate with the best florist on the island.
Selection of Spanish wines 16,00 € per person
(we have a wide selection of wines from Ribera de Duero, Rioja, Rías Baixas and tierra de Mallorca)
Selection of top brand cocktails 20,00 € per person. Example (Whisky Sour-Blody Mery – Cosmopolitan -Mojitos – Gin Tonic -Negroni)
VAT 10% not included in the prices
Minimum 4  persons per service. Ask for quotation in case of smaller requests  and for groups of more than 10 persons.

this is how some of our dishes look